Frequently asked questions

Isn't joining a gym really expensive?

That all depends on how you look at it and, more importantly, what you want from a gym! Before you join anywhere, you should evaluate what you get for your money. Prices vary depending on the facilities and service the gym provides, for example luxury gym clubs can offer packages costing over £100 per month, whilst 'budget gyms' may offer as little as £15 per month. Budget gyms with their less costly packages may be appealing however; with cheaper membership prices, comes fewer facilities and fewer staff members available to help you achieve your goals. You will also discover that although you are paying lower membership prices, ultimately you are spending more on little extras at the gym. For example, paying to rent a locker during your workout. If you are using the gym three times per week, as recommended, locker prices will eventually add hundreds of pounds to your overall membership throughout the year. At F.I.T. our memberships are affordable and all-inclusive, so there are no little extras to pay along the way. Our memberships start from £35 per month, and reflect our superb facilities, individualised workout plans, and helpful friendly service. Your membership includes monthly reviews with your trainer, who works with you to keep you interested and motivated in reaching your targets - at other gyms, these sessions alone would cost you £30-£40!

Will you make me sign a long-term contract?

Absolutely not! We have a variety of different membership options available and our team will always help you choose a package most suitable for you. We understand that joining a gym can sometimes be a daunting experience and so to make the process easier, we invite you to come for a free, no obligation trial. That way, you can see exactly what you are getting for your money, and try our facilities before joining for any length of time. If you sign for a year, you benefit from discounted rates, increased motivation and better results from achieving your long term goals! Be positive about your memberships and remember that if your circumstances change, there are ways to cancel if you need. We certainly won't make you keep paying your membership if you have moved to the middle of Timbuktu!

What do I get for my membership?

Everything! All memberships are unlimited so you can come as often as you like; we advise 2-3 times per week to get optimum results but we do have members who attend every day. All memberships come with monthly reviews from our brilliant personal trainers, and all memberships come with a number of personal training sessions (how many depends on which membership you choose). With your membership, you get a programme designed specifically for you to work on the areas which concern you. We also give discount and special offers on beauty treatments in our salon, a monthly newsletter, and most importantly a friendly, clean and welcoming atmosphere to spend your time in!

I won't be able to use the gym for a few months so will I have to cancel my membership?

Memberships can be frozen at the discretion of management, saving you from the rigmarole of cancelling and re-joining when you return. Simply come and speak to us at least two weeks before you need it to be frozen and we will do what we can.

I have a bad back/shoulder/knee, how do I use the circuit?

This is where we really set ourselves apart from other gyms. We write the programme specific to you, your ability and your goals. We employ only the best personal trainers with plenty of experience, so that we can improve that problem area, and make it work better! We work alongside GPs & Physiotherapists and use our years of experience and qualifications to make sure you are doing the correct exercises to help alleviate any niggly aches and pains!

I want to lose weight, is Fitness In Time the right place?

"Losing weight" is easy - simply go to the toilet, remove your shoes and chop an arm off! Losing weight does not make you healthier though, and here at Fitness In Time, we strive to improve your fitness and general well-being. This is why we help you slim down, rather than "lose weight". In order to do this, we help reduce your overall body fat, by advising you on how to use more energy than you are taking in (calorie deficit). Many people make the mistake of dieting - unaware that by reducing their food intake, they are slowing down their metabolism. When you deprive your body of food, the body slows down in order to hold on to it's energy reserves for longer. At Fitness In Time, we help you to speed up your metabolism by encouraging you to work hard and efficiently for just 30 minutes at a time. By following our programme, you won't just boost your metabolism and slim down, you will gain all the other benefits that come with regular exercise; Toned muscles, strength, stamina, flexibility, co-ordination and many others. As all our exercises are specifically designed for women, we won't turn you into a body builder, we will only make sure you get the shape that you want!

How do I cancel my membership?

Oh dear! Obviously we never like to say goodbye to any of our members, and so like to know the reasons for any membership cancellations. That way, we can hopefully do something from our end to keep you as a member and improve your experience at F.I.T. If you are considering cancelling your membership, please first come in for a review or a personal training session. Sometimes all it takes is a new programme, a motivational chat, or even just trying a new activity like kick-boxing. We understand that circumstances in life change, leaving you with no option but to cancel your membership - in cases like these, the easiest way of cancelling is to read and fill out a cancellation form. You can pick one up at the gym or download it at the bottom of this page. It is really important that you do not try to simply cancel your direct debit with your bank. This can lead to penalty charges as explained in your membership agreement. For more information on cancelling your membership, please give us a call or simply come in to the gym and we will explain everything in more detail

Will I have to waste time waiting for machines like I did at my last gym?

Our gym works on a circuit basis, allowing everyone to move round at the same time. Not only does this provide you with a healthy and targeted gym session, it also means you never have to spend time queuing for a machine. The circuit is designed to make sure every muscle group in your body gets a workout. Of course we give you target exercises to focus on areas you want to, but it is important to exercise every part of your body. The circuit incorporates cardiovascular, resistance & flexibility exercises to tone and shape your body to perfection.

I've been looking at your website for ages, but I am really nervous about coming in, what can I expect?

Please don't worry, you are not the only prospective member to feel this way! Pop in for a casual chat, and let us put your mind at ease. You can expect a warm welcome from all our female instructors and you will find that the club is full of ladies just like you, who were once really nervous about attending. We differ from conventional gyms; there is no loud music, no full mirrors and no men... well apart from our owner Pete, who can sometimes be found buried under paperwork at reception! Our gym is for real women, just like you, who want to attend a club where they can relax and never feel intimidated. Our coffee area is a great place to unwind after a healthy workout, chat to our team and even meet new friends too.

Why is Fitness In Time 'Ladies Only' and what does that mean?

The term 'Ladies Only' is an industry wide definition which refers to the fact that, as a members-only club, we cater specifically for female members on three grounds: 1. Certain religions and cultures specify that females and males must not exercise together. 2. The physical needs of females and males can be quite different, and therefore our specialist gym is designed for females, and our staff are specially trained to cater for female's needs. 3. There is substancial evidence that females are put off exercise due to mixed-sex environments offered at gyms. A very high proportion of our members, when surveyed, report that they would not consider joining a mixed-sex gym and this would lead to them reducing their frequency and intensity of exercise. Men are not permitted to join Fitness In Time, however we are often able to arrange PT sessions for men outside of the gym - please speak to a member of staff if you know someone who might be interested. We are also very happy to advise on local facilities who do offer membership for males. For more information on single-sex services, please refer to the Equalities Act 2010 Schedule 4 Part 7 Sections 27 and 28. We do have male staff from time to time, however please rest assured that we have incredibly high standards for our staff, so we only employ the very best! Everyone who works at Fitness In Time is fully qualified for their role, so you are in very capable hands. Peter, the owner of the company, tries to restrict his time in the gym as much as is possible, however you may occasionally see him at reception performing administrative duties or in the gym if he is needed for cover in emergency situations such as if a member of the team is absent. It should be said that Peter is a very highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainer! So please feel free to ask his advice and chat to him whenever you like! He loves any excuse to have a coffee and talk about health and fitness! (Although you might struggle to shut him up once he has started!). Everybody's fitness journey is different, and we would love the chance to help you along yours! Please give us a call or pop in for a chat. Getting fit is the most rewarding thing you can achieve, so don't hesitate and make arrangements to come and see us today!