Joining Fitness In Time

Joining us is no small step...

When you make the decision to join, you are not just joining a gym.  You will be making a commitment to improving your health, your wellbeing and your happiness.  You will be agreeing to follow our proven plan, and taking massive action.  You are joining a community that help, support and encourage each other to get the most out of life.

Change does not happen overnight, it takes commitment, willingness to succeed and also a willingness to change.

Our reputation relies on our members committing to our programme and taking the necessary steps.  With us, you can reach your goals, but we need you to understand that we mean business!

Before applying to join us, please answer these 5 short questions so that we can better understand if we are the right place to help you achieve your goals:

Are you willing to spend at least 30-minutes, 3 times per week, dedicated to improving your health, wellbeing and happiness?

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Yes, I have the time!

No, I just have too much to do