Jolanta's Tips for Keeping Healthy!

We asked our Jolanta to give us her 13 tips to keeping active!

Make activity part of your social life – before jumping in your car, consider walking to the cinema, pub, restaurant or round to see friends.

Be active as often as possible, even if it’s only 5 minutes –it soon adds up.

Break up longer periods of inactivity such as sitting watching TV with an active break, even if its only walking up and stairs to the toilet or to the kitchen in programme breaks.

Consider hiding the remote control so that you have to manually change channels!

Walk rather than drive to the local shop for a daily paper/milk etc.

Work in some small daily activity into your daily journey to work. Why not get off the bus earlier and walk the rest of the distance to your destination.

Park the car at one stop and walk to the next. For example, drop the kids and the car at one school and walk the other kids to the nursery-that way the kids get active too.

Park at the furthest point from the shop in the car park.

Use the stairs instead of the lift or escalator.

Remember that being active can also be productive! Tackle that household chore that you have been putting off!.

Plan activities with friends and family e.g. meet at the park for football with friends and their children OR plan a bike trip once a week. Peer support is invaluable for long term success-it helps to keep you motivated.

Find out about local walks in the area to include the family or friends.

Just do the activities you are doing more vigorously – turn your daily dog walk into a dog jog!

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