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We love broadening our knowledge and improving our skills here at Fitness In Time, you will often find us learning new exercises and studying hard to keep in touch with new fitness trends, and also brushing up on fitness fundamentals. Recently Pam went on a very interesting course, so we asked her to tell us a bit more about it!

Pam’s latest venture:

“As many of you know I work with personal training clients outside of the gym; mostly people in their 80’s and 90’s. I decided that to extend this interest I would update my qualifications to gain a certificate as a specialist trainer.

The course consisted of 90 days in which to complete an e-learning theory section, followed by 2 days of practical assessments in Birmingham.

The e-learning course proved difficult not least because the broadband strength was too weak to download the content! This meant using the computer here at the gym which was fine until I needed to view 20/30 video clips which overrode our music! In the end I needed to stay on after the gym closed to complete the course.

Going to Birmingham meant staying over for two nights as we had an 8:45 start on both days. Day one we went through all of the exercises both teaching and participating, virtually non-stop from 9 until 5:30. Back to the hotel to try and perfect the 10 exercises that would form my assessment the next day. Finally giving up at 9pm, aching all over.

Day two everyone on the course was assessed on their 10 exercises; those not being assessed made up the class to be taught which meant a total of 120 exercises, many repeated. In fact we had to do sit to stand 12 lots of 30 secs, really hard on the quads! The course ended with exercise games and fun activities using pom poms and foam batons. I survived and was happy to receive the certificate pronouncing me as a specialist trainer for working with older people.”

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