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Think about your thinking!

A hugely important part of training your body is also training your mind. With a positive mindset, you will find yourself with more energy, more motivation and ultimately find that you achieve your goals easier. It is amazing just how much our mindset impacts on how effective we are in achieving goals we set for ourselves. Not only that, our mindset can really determine whether we enjoy what we are doing or not!

Whether it be exercising, eating healthy, or focusing on a project, if you are optimistic and positive in your approach, the entire experience is much more enjoyable than if you are being pessimistic and negative about the process.

We can’t feel amazing and positive all the time (though that would be great huh!?), but what we can do is actively take steps to train our mindset into a positive direction.

  1. How often do you complain? Complaining about things can actually become a bit of a habit. Even if you don’t verbalise your displeasure with something, thinking negatively about things can actually perpetuate more negativity! There is nothing wrong with having a negative thought; we all do at times, however by cultivating a little awareness you can help redirect these thought patterns! Try practicing some mindfulness meditations to help steer you in the right direction.

  2. How often do you stop to appreciate experiences/results? Taking the time to stop and appreciate what is happening in your life, such as the nice weather, or achieving a specific goal, is a really important part of mindset training. Just as we should reflect on how often we complain, we should also reflect on how often we appreciate our life experiences and positively praise our own efforts.

  3. Stop making excuses! Continuously making excuses for why you cannot do something you had set out to do, is also habit forming behaviour The more often you do it, the more you will keep doing it. Be accountable for yourself and remember that you CAN achieve your goals, NOW is better than later and only YOU can get yourself there!

  4. Push a little further each day. Have something to work towards, an achievable small goal, and push/encourage yourself to achieve it. Whether it is to hold the plank for an extra 10 seconds or to do 2 random acts of kindness for strangers. This is a fantastic way of cultivating good habits and training your mindset towards success!

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