Why you should have a review!

One of the things which really sets us apart from other gyms are our monthly reviews.

They are hugely important to us for a number of reasons, and they are also something which you won't find at other gyms!

As a general guideline, your reviews should alternate between a mini-review and a full-review each month.

The mini reviews are a 15-minute catch up where we can take your measurements and find out how you are doing - so if you are particularly interested in; how much weight you are losing, what your blood pressure is at, if you are losing inches - we can keep track of it to help keep you motivated, and keep you on course.

A full-review is where one of the team will accompany you round the gym, and this is where we make all important changes to your programme. This doesn't just mean increasing the resistance! We might give you new target exercises, we might change your technique to work a different part of the muscle, we might rip your old one up and start again!

It's important to remember that this is't an exam, you can't fail, and we certainly won't tell you off! So if things aren't going the way you want, you should still have a review. The point of these sessions is to keep you motivated, and make sure the exercises you do are still working for you. Everyone is different, and our bodies are constantly changing, and so your workouts need to change to keep them effective too!

Reviews can be done at any time of day, and are free with your Fitness In Time membership. So if you have been doing the same old routine for a while, why not book a session and keep things interesting!

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