Get Creative!

Being creative is part of everyday life. Whether you are deciding how to cook a delicious meal with the remainder of your fridge, solve a problem at work, or express yourself artistically, creativity is required of us all. You don’t even have to be an ‘artsy’ person to benefit from creative bursts of inspiration; they are helpful in practically all aspects of life.

So if you need a little inspiration, here are 10 tips to cultivate more creativity into your life!

  1. Step outside your comfort zone - Try to challenge yourself by doing something you might not normally be completely comfortable doing; be the first one on the dance floor, introduce yourself to a friendly looking stranger, or try karaoke!

  2. Learn a new skill - Learning new skills in an excellent way to inspire creativity. Try taking dance lessons, learning a new language, choose an instrument or learn some card tricks!

  3. Stop comparing yourself to others - I cannot stress this one enough. Okay, I know we all do it at times, but comparing ourselves to others can be really detrimental to our inner creativity. You are you, and what you are is amazing. There might be someone more or less skilled in a certain area, but who cares!? Focus on what you got and what you can bring to the table!

  4. Play the memory game - Enhancing your memory is an excellent way of exercising your brain… And let’s be honest, we can all do with a little more brain power! But training your memory will also help stimulate your creativity! Try memorising quotes, learning all the lyrics to a song, or learning the alphabet backwards! It can be fun AND inspiring.

  5. Appreciate the silence - Allow yourself to enjoy the silent moments when they come by. They may not happen all that often, but letting the peace and quiet sink in gives you time to reflect on how you are feeling and your own thoughts.

  6. Incorporate music - We find music very inspiring, so I try to incorporate different styles of music depending on what I am doing. Upbeat for working out, chilled for relaxing, funky for cooking etc.

  7. Get out of the house daily - Try and make some time each day to get out and about, and I don’t just mean leaving you home to go to work or do the shopping, try find some time to go for a walk and just be out in the fresh air!

  8. Write down your musings - Even if keeping a diary isn’t really your thing, it is a great idea to have a notebook (even a digital one) that you can jot down any inspirational thoughts, ideas, goals, or even quotes that you hear.

  9. Spend time with little people - Children are fantastic at stimulating inspiration. They see the world through fresh, untainted eyes and usually say whatever pops into their minds!

  10. Practice meditation - There are many different types of meditation, guided visualisation or relaxation meditations are excellent ways of resetting your brain and helping stimulate the creativity within you!

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