How to get yourself back on track!

Sometimes motivation just doesn’t seem to have our back. Even though we might have the best of intentions, and have set fitness goals in mind, when it actually comes down to getting up off the couch, we just can’t muster the motivation to move.

In these times we are our own worst enemy. Even when we know how much better we will feel in ourselves if we just got up and at it, we still feel the pull of procrastination.

So I have put together a list of tips that help me motivate myself into action:

  1. Pep yourself! - Eat a fresh apple and a cup of green tea half an hour before you plan to workout, to give yourself a healthy boost of energy before you get started. Energy is a great motivator! Starting your day with something healthy will immediately up the ante as you won't want to cancel out the brownie points that you have already earned that day!

  2. Avoid indulging - Avoid overeating or eating unhealthy snacks for at least an hour and a half before your workout. Otherwise your body will go into rest mode whilst it struggles digesting it, and you will find it difficult to get up off the couch! Wait to eat your meal after your workout, because this is when you will need the extra protein!

  3. Phone-a-friend - Okay I don’t mean phone a friend and have a chat that would be counter-productive! I mean organise a workout buddy and have set workout times, that way you can both motivate each other!

  4. Mix it up - You are more likely to want to procrastinate from exercise if you are doing the same thing all the time, or if you have very challenging workouts! So make sure you mix it up. Add some fun exercise activities into your weekly schedule, such as sports, or group classes, and if you find yourself plateauing, adjust your workouts to keep them challenging and fun! A change is as good as a rest!

  5. Try something new - Take up a fun new physical activity such as dodgeball, Pilates or dance lessons. Incorporating more fun physical activities is a great motivator to keep fit in other areas too! Your Fitness In Time workouts are key, but that doesn't mean you can't add in extra activities around them

6. Keep moving! - How much harder is it to start again once you have stopped? As soon as you get in from work, get into your training gear and don't let your bum touch the couch!

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