We need you!

Dear Members,

This is a letter to you.

I KNOW that we have some truly incredible ladies that come into our gym every day, and by that I mean you. Reading this. Right now.

You might know that I love a good quote from time to time, and one of my favorites is that "Everybody is the lead role in their own movie". It's great because it has two meanings, the first is that you should consider other people, because they have a whole story line running, of which you are just a supporting cast member. You have no idea what struggles they are going through, what kind of day they have had or how they are feeling. So it's important to always be considerate, kind and do what you can to make their day easier.

But the other meaning is that YOU have a story to tell. It might be a dramatic action/adventure, hopefully its a romance or comedy! But whatever it is, you have a story to share.

Well as a member of Fitness In Time, I am certain there are more than a few of you who have an inspirational story, and I would love the chance to share it with the world.

Whether you have managed to lose a load of weight, recover from an injury or even if you just enjoy coming in to the gym to get away from screaming kids and the ironing, you might be able to help us inspire and motivate other ladies to do the same. I would like to interview some members of Fitness In Time to put together a promotional video so we can show all of the ladies out there that FIT can help them live a healthier, happier life. If you have a few minutes to spare for a chat with me, please let one of the team know or drop me an e-mail at pete@fitnessintime.co.uk and I will get in touch with you.

I'm also looking for members to take some photos of to use on our marketing material if you would be able to help me with that it would be very much appreciated!

Many thanks, and keep working out, you are all great!

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