How To Be Happy

Everybody has down-days from time to time and sometimes there might not even seem like there is any reason that we should feel low, we just do. Sure, there can be lots of things that cause low days, such as having a bad night’s sleep, not getting enough nutritious food, hormonal changes, or sometimes you might just be having a bad day!

On these days, all you might feel like doing is hopping back in bed and waiting for tomorrow hoping it will be a better day! However in my experience, this often just leaves me feeling worse. Because I start to think about all the things I should be doing, and my mind starts to focus on negative thoughts or memories, and this just seems to make that ‘down’ feeling even worse.

Unfortunately we cannot feel happy 100% of the time, we are going to have our bad days because that is just part of life. However, there is no reason we can’t actively try and turn our frowns upside down!

The best thing I have found for beating the blues is actively distracting both my body and my mind!

Here are 6 ways I use to help boost my happiness when I am feeling a bit down:

Move it - Even though hopping into bed might seem like the most tempting option, getting up and moving your body will help you shake off that down feeling. Exercising gets your heart pumping fresh oxygen rich blood all over your body, stimulating your brain, as well as the production of endorphins. Endorphins = A feel good feeling!

Get outside - Fresh air and nature can do wonders to beat the blues, not just because it distracts us and helps wake us up, but also because the sun is a natural way of enhancing our mood! UV rays from the sun promote serotonin production as well as vitamin D, both of which will help boost your mood and have you loving life again!

Eat fresh - Even though on my down days I might crave loads of carbs and treats, I have found that by opting to eat delicious foods, that are also healthy and fresh, I end up feeling a lot better for it. The nutrients energise my body and mind, and the positive effect this has on my body starts to filter through to my emotions and thoughts.

Be in a happy place - Your environment will help shape your mental state, so take some steps to make your environment happy. Put on some uplifting music, put your favourite comedy on, or just simply dance around the living room.

Laugh with a friend - This might seem obvious, but laughter helps uplift your mood! Apart from being fun and enjoyable, laughter fills your lungs with oxygen and helps flush your body out with oxygen rich blood. If you are having a low day, try to organise a phone conversation, or a catch up with a friend who makes you laugh. Watch a funny movie or read a funny book, anything to make you chuckle.

Meditate on mindfulness - Often when we are feeling down for no apparent reason, simply practicing some mindfulness can be enough to put things into perspective and help us appreciate all that we have to be grateful for. Mindfulness meditations are an excellent way of taking our thoughts out of the clouds and grounding them into the present moment, which can be really helpful in cultivating gratitude and helping beat the blues!

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