At Fitness In Time, you will find a selection of skipping ropes. Skipping is an incredibly efficient way of burning calories as well as providing numerous other health benefits. It might be quite a few years since you last used one, but we would love you to have a go! Skipping is not just for boxers and little girls, Here are some reasons why skipping is great exercise!

  • Rapidly burns calories - If you think back to when you were a child and managed to skip rope for hours on end, you may be surprised to learn that skipping rope is an incredibly efficient way of burning calories, and fast! In fact skipping for an hour (if you could!) would burn around 1300 calories!

  • Improves balance and coordination - The constant jumping and switching from left to right foot works on both improving your balance and coordination.

  • Stimulates both your cardiovascular and respiratory systems - If you have ever skipped rope before as an adult you will have noticed that it doesn’t take long to get your heart pumping and your breathing to become rapid. This cardio workout encourages the cardiovascular system and your respiratory system to work together to provide your whole body with fresh, oxygen-rich blood.

  • Strengthens your bones - The jumping involved in skipping places your bones under related stress, which actually works in your favour by helping reduce the rate of bone loss, helping keep your skeletal system strong and healthy.

  • Stimulates your brain - Exercise that requires you to focus and think (so you don’t trip up the rope) actually works to stimulate your brain as well. It has to engage both the left and right hemispheres of the brain to calculate rhythm, timing and space. Your brain is also being flushed with fresh oxygen rich blood, which stimulates it and encourages it to remain focused and aware.

  • Tones your whole body - You might be staying in the same spot, but skipping works your whole body. Your abdominals and other core muscles work to stabilise you, whilst your legs and glutes work to jump and your arms and shoulders turn the rope.

Not only does skipping provide all these health benefits, all it costs is the initial purchase of a rope, then you can do it anytime, anywhere at no extra cost.

So if you can't make it to the gym one day, why not have a skip!

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