Feeling stressed? Book a Boxing PT Session!

Think the word ‘boxing’ has a masculine undertone? Think again! Boxing is such an ideal fitness activity for women, that many famous female celebrities, such as Gigi Hadid, Khloe Kardashian and Adriana Lima, are exchanging their yoga mats for a set of gloves.

Apart from being a great way to unwind and relieve some pent up stress and tension, there are many other health benefits to be gained that make boxing a girl's best friend.

Improve overall fitness - If you want to improve your fitness, then pick up some gloves and go at it! Boxing will make you huff and puff and sweat like a trouper, and you will notice your fitness improving in all other areas of fitness as well.

Upper body cardio - Boxing is a fantastic cardio workout, yet unlike most cardio, boxing uses your upper body to get your heart pumping and the sweat pouring off you. This means it is an excellent cardio choice for those days after a leg workout when you want to sweat it, but your legs just can’t go the distance.

Tone your problem areas - If you want to tone your upper arms, waist and abs then boxing will work for you. The fact that it works your arms may seem obvious, however, boxing is also very taxing on your core, toning your obliques and waist. If you expand into some kickboxing, then that toning extends to your butt, thighs and calf muscles, giving you a complete body workout.

Burn fat fast - If you are wanting to burn off some serious calories then perhaps boxing is for you. An hour of boxing can burn between 600-800 calories. That is a serious calorie burn!

Relieve stress - If you find that you are being weighed down with stress, or perhaps you have a little pent up irritation that you need to let out, boxing is an excellent way of focusing your energy and releasing built up stress.

Increased confidence - Feeling fit, strong and capable, especially in regards to being able to defend ourselves should we ever need to, helps us feel more confident and relaxed.

You can do kickboxing as a PT session at Fitness In Time, we'll show you the basics and get you punching in no time. PT boxing sessions are always great fun and a guarantted way to have a great workout. PT sessions are just £15 each, or you can buy 4 for £50! Simply speak to a trainer and book your sessions in at reception!

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