When you can’t get to the gym…..

I know. We’d all be here every day if we could working to improve strength, fitness and mood. Or every other day at least, factoring in those all-important recovery days that the body uses to repair and grow stronger in between workouts. However, sometimes things crop up and the usual routine has to go on standby. For instance, during kids half term or big project at work or, as will hopefully be the case this weekend, it’s gloriously sunny and warm and being out and about is just the more appealing option.

But then perhaps a little guilt creeps in, or you start to remember how much tougher the workout feels after having had a break from it for more than a few days. What can you do to help maintain the good work you’ve been putting in? Why not try one of these keep moving at home options…

Disruption to routine level: chaos –just about have time to make a cup of tea?

Try this: Breathe. Make the cup of tea. While you’re standing waiting for the kettle try a superset of bodyweight squats and press-ups using the counter top to press against. Do 5 repetitions of each then repeat as many rounds as it take for the water to boil. Next time you make a cuppa try holding some stretches, each for 3-4 slow breaths, and think about tension releasing from the body.

Effort: 2/10 Organisation: 0/10

Disruption to routine level: knee-deep - lots going on, people around but could find 10-15 minutes to move about?

Try this: The '300' workout; aim for 100 repetitions each of squats, press-ups (either on the floor or supported by a step or wall), and hip bridges. Feel free to split it up into sets, for example 5 sets of 20 repetitions, or challenge yourself and tackle all 100 reps for each exercise at a time.

Effort: 5/10 Organisation: 2/10

Disruption to routine level: other commitments - can't physically get to the gym but have time and space to sweat?

Try this: Use a stopwatch on your phone, or clock, to keep track of time and pick 4 of the following exercises: squats, press-ups, star jumps, burpees, crunches, lunges, plank. Perform each of your four chosen exercises for a minute one straight after the other then rest for a minute. Repeat the circuit 3-5 times.

Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up or feel guilty for missing a session or two, or even ten. Get back into it when you can and focus on enjoying the workout when you get here. Remember, if you need a refresher or a different target exercise to wake up your routine please ask! We’ll be here to help you keep on track.

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