Political Policies on Health & NHS

With the upcoming election, I thought it might be nice to play a little quiz and help you choose which political party aligns with your views on health & the National Health Service. I’ve just numbered each party, so choose the one which you agree with most, and then scroll to the very bottom of the post to find out which party it is – you might be surprised!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to bring up a little problem I have with the system – when politicians talk about “health” they tend to mean “sickness”. The view of Fitness In Time is that an awful lot more money should be invested nationally in preventing sickness instead of waiting for people to fall ill and then spending the money to make them better. As a nation, we suffer from so many preventable illnesses which could all be avoided by people getting regular exercise, eating healthy food and generally looking after themselves better. Throughout all of the policies below, there is no mention of fitness! I guess this might fall under ‘Education’ but it certainly doesn’t come out of the education budget. Anyway, I hope enjoy my little game!

Party 1

  • Over £30 billion in extra funding over the next Parliament (through increasing income tax for the highest 5% of earners, and on private medical insurance).

  • Guarantee access to treatment within 18 weeks, taking 1 million people off NHS waiting lists by the end of the next Parliament.

  • Scrap the NHS pay cap, put pay decisions back into the hands of the independent pay review body.

  • Guarantee the rights of EU staff working in our health and care services.

  • Halt and review the NHS ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans’.

  • Reverse privatisation of our NHS and return our health service into expert public control.

  • Lay the foundations of a National Care Service for England.

  • Ring-fence mental health budgets.

Party 2

  • 1p rise on Income Tax to raise £6 billion additional revenue for NHS and social care services.

  • Match mental health care waiting time standards with those in physical health care.

  • Better integration of health and social care.

  • Cap the cost of social care.

  • Guarantee the rights of all NHS and social care staff who are EU nationals to stay in the UK.

  • End the public sector pay freeze for NHS workers.

  • Ringfence funding from within the 1p Income Tax rise, to provide additional investment in mental health.

  • Promote easier access to GPs, expanding evening and weekend opening.

Party 3

  • Increase NHS spending by a minimum of £8 billion in real terms over the next 5 years.

  • Ensure staff from EU countries can carry on making their vital contribution to our health and care system.

  • Build and upgrade primary care facilities, mental health clinics and hospitals in every part of England.

  • Recover the cost of medical treatment from non-UK residents.

  • Expand routine weekend or evening GP appointments to the whole population by 2019.

  • Reduce childhood obesity: Promote efforts to reduce unhealthy ingredients and provide clearer food information for consumers.

  • Address the need for better treatments across the whole spectrum of mental health conditions.

  • A new Mental Health Bill, putting parity of esteem at the heart of treatment.

Party 4

  • An NHS Reinstatement Act to roll back privatisation and protect universal free health care.

  • Close the NHS spending gap and provide an immediate cash injection.

  • Scrap NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans.

  • Bring mental health care in line with physical health care.

  • Work towards a single budget covering health and social services.

  • Increase funding for local authorities.

  • Provide more funding for sexual health awareness campaigns, providing greater access to free condoms and sexual health clinics.

Party 5

  • Invest an extra £11 billion every year into the NHS and social care by the end of the next parliament.

  • Discontinue the 1% pay increase cap for frontline NHS workers earning less than £35,000.

  • Guarantee rights of EU nationals working in the health and social care to remain here.

  • 10,000 additional GPs by 2025.

  • Increase planned spending on mental health services by at least £500 million every year.

  • Lift the cap on medical school training places from 7,500 to 10,000.

  • Non-urgent NHS care only for British citizens or foreign nationals who have paid UK taxes for at least 5 years.

  • Establish a Department for Health and Care, and create a sustainably funded social care system assimilated into the NHS.

If you are struggling with who to vote for, the website www.voteforpolicies.org.uk can help you make a decision based on policies, and not political party. I always love a political chat so please feel free to come and grab me for a few minutes at the gym!

Here are the answers, how many did you get!

Party 1 – Labour

Party 2 – Liberal Democrats

Party 3 – Conservatives

Party 4 – Green Party

Party 5 - UKIP

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