New Gym Challenge!

We have started a new challenge in the gym to mix up your routine!

As there are a few events happening at the moment, we have themed this challenge around the Tour de France, Wimbledon & the Women's Football European Championship!

Challenge 1

Tour De France

Nice and simple: Add a minute on to your bike warm-up and give it everything you have got for 1-minute at any resistance level!

Challenge 2


30-Arm Circles! Get those deltoids working by giving us 15 forward circles with your arms at shoulder height, and 15 reverse circles, follow this by 30 seconds of wide-stance jogging!

Challenge 3

Women's Football European Championship

Don't worry, no football skills required! Use the big step in the block and give us 1 minute of step-ups with a 2kg swiss ball overhead press!

See how many times you can complete all 3 challenges before the end of July!

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