The FITT Principle

Have you heard of the FITT principle?

It’s one of the things we learn in Fitness Instructor school! But we think it’s worth all our members remembering these aspects to help become as fit as possible, and get the results you want.

Have a think about the following:

Frequency - Are you working out enough? Or too much? government guidelines are that we should be doing a session of resistance exercise 3 times per week! Remember to set reasonable goals, but you should treat your workouts as important appointments that cannot be missed!

Intensity – possibly the most important! Are you working hard enough for what you want to achieve? At Fitness In Time, you should be exhausting each muscle group - so when the buzzer sounds, you should be at the point of reasonable failure. If you are finding the exercises too easy, you should book a review with a personal trainer ad have your programme upgraded. If it isn't difficult, then you are probably not getting much out of it!

Time - are you spending enough time being physically active? FIT workouts are designed to last 30-minutes so that they are easy to fit into your schedule. The circuit format means you are efficiently working for 30-minutes without rest. Think about adding a brisk 20-minute walk or bike-ride into your schedule. If you have a bit of spare time, why not extend your cardio session at the end of a workout?

Type - is the type of training right for you, challenging enough and are you getting a reasonable mix? Cardio, strength, flexibility – all types covered in your FIT circuit, but if you have some specific goals, why not book a review or PT session to make sure your programme is right for what you want to achieve!

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