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The Gym Induction – It is about you, not about the gym!

In the many years I have spent in the Fitness Industry, it won’t surprise you to learn that I have been through, and indeed conducted, lots of inductions, in lots of different gyms. I think you can tell a lot about a gym from the service they give you when you join. Do they really care about you, or now they have your money, are they just worried about getting the next person to sign on the dotted line?

At some gyms, the induction process can be as simple as signing a waiver to promise that you won’t bring your pets in, and you won’t try any acrobatics on the treadmills. At others, it will be a way of trying to get more money out of you by convincing you to by a costly personal training package.

Here at FIT, we treat the induction a little differently...

We insist that all new members of FIT complete our induction process, and there are 3 main reasons for this:

Get to know you, your goals and your motivation for using FIT

This is very important, we want to give you a programme that works for you, which targets your own goals, and to do this, we need to find out about you. There will be a quick health questionnaire and a few checks to make sure you are safe to begin exercising (I’ve never met someone who ‘shouldn’t do exercise’-so nothing to worry about!) and then we will sit down with you and have a chat. We want to know all about you and your situation, what things you like, which body parts you want to focus on and what will make your programme work for you.

Now don’t panic, this isn’t an exam, and you certainly can’t fail! You should be excited about the improvements you are going to see, and the journey ahead. We then repeat these checks at your monthly mini-review so you can see your results in black and white!

Make sure you know how to use the gym and its equipment safely and effectively.

This one is fairly self-explanatory. Many ladies who join FIT have never used a gym before, so we make sure that when you do, you find a welcoming, friendly environment. We want to greet you warmly and make you at ease with the new things you are going to be asking your body to do. Our equipment is easy to use, and we will guide you through it all. We don’t leave you to work it out for yourself, after all, that is what we are here for!

To write you a programme that specifically targets the things that YOU want to achieve.

This is the most important stage of the induction. We will write you a programme that takes into account everything you have told us, and this is something you do not get at other gyms! At FIT, you have the benefit of having a personal trainer without the hefty price-tag that comes with it. Your programme is easy to follow, and unique to you. This programme is then assessed every 2 months at your full-review session where we change your exercises to keep it interesting and to make sure the results keep coming!

All of this is free within your low-cost monthly payment. We want you to enjoy your sessions at FIT, and also get the results you want. So we invest time in getting it right.

We’d love you to come and join us, so please give us a call or pop in to book your first session!

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