Too Tired To Exercise?

Have you ever noticed how exhausting lying around and doing nothing all day can be? Sure, it can be nice to have a break every now and then, and sometimes you might really need it, however, skipping out on exercise might just be leaving you feeling tired and low!

A difficult mental block that a lot of people struggle to overcome is that they often feel "too tired to exercise".

At first glance that seems like a reasonable thing to say. You need to have lots of energy to exercise right? Well, actually I would disagree with you. What you need is enough energy to start exercising. If you can get to the gym, and put on your workout gear than you have plenty of energy and here is why...

Oxygen fresh blood energizes your body - Exercise gets your heart and lungs pumping double time. This means more oxygen rich blood is being transported out to each and every cell in your body, plus more toxins are being filtered out of your body quicker as well!

Endorphin boost - Exercising stimulates the release of chemicals, known as endorphins, into your body. Endorphins work to reduce pain receptors, but they also help boost your mood and stimulate an overall positive feeling.

Exercise stimulates the production of your ‘happy hormones’ - It isn’t just endorphins that are stimulated during exercise. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter in your brain, also plays an important role in your happiness. The best way to boost your dopamine levels? You guessed it, exercise!

Helps manage stress - Exercise is an excellent way to help combat the symptoms of stress. Not only does it help your body deal with stress on a hormonal level, it can be a great way to get out any frustration you might be feeling, - especially if you like a bit of kickboxing!

Eases anxiety - Just as exercise works to reduce symptoms of stress, it also helps ease anxiety by stimulating the release of endorphins and dopamine in your body.

Regulate sleeping patterns - Regular exercise helps balance out your sleeping patterns as well as encouraging your body and mind to drift off soon after you settle down to sleep. This is why people with insomnia and other sleep disorders are often encouraged to do more exercise.

Exercise is good for self-esteem - One of the big things exercise brings into your life, is a confidence boost. Because when you look and feel great on a physical level, you feel great inside as well.

So next time you are considering ditching the workout, for a tv binge instead, think about exactly what you are missing out on, and how exercising will make you feel afterward. Remember, you can always relax AFTER your workout!

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