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Fuel for the engine

You might not know this, but I grew up working in my mum and dad's pet shop in the Cotswolds and it taught me quite a valuable lesson in price versus quality. When people are feeding their beloved 4-legged friend, it's quite interesting because their own impulses are taken out of the equation, as they know they won't be eating it themselves. They want their beloved pooch to eat good quality but they are also concerned about the price (as they are the ones paying for it). Of course, being responsible animal lovers we would always encourage owners to feed Brand A - the very high quality food. We would then go on to talk about it's high quality ingredients and reassure the owner that their dog will be a lot healthier, more energetic and happier by feeding it this brand. Of course as soon as the price was mentioned it would be followed by a gasp and the customer would ask about cheaper alternatives.

We would then go on to explain that there are much cheaper alternatives, but this is because the food was much lower quality and therefore you had to feed much more of it and ultimately when the food didn't get processed by Fido's digestive system you just end up picking the majority of it up from the lawn with a shovel. And so economically it simply makes sense to feed the better food.

This is very easy to see when we are feeding a dog because they eat the same thing day after day. But when we have so much selection and have all the influences of advertising our judgement gets clouded and we get drawn toward the deli counter when we should be shopping in veg aisle.

Our bodies have a tough job turning the food we eat into energy, so lets help it out by giving it the premium unleaded!

So think about this next time you are in the supermarket. Are you fueling your body with what it needs to perform effectively or are you hampering your bodies performance?

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