Eating Healthy On A Budget

I have often heard people say that the main reason they struggle with their diet, is because it is too expensive to eat healthy. Sure, there are loads of processed foods that can be purchased on a tight budget, however, you don’t need to sacrifice your health in order to save cash.

It is not only possible to eat healthily on a budget, it is actually quite easy, you just need to know the tricks!

Plan ahead - Planning ahead and organizing your meals for the week will help you avoid buying too much or wasting foods. It will also help you avoid crumbling and reaching for the phone to dial a pizza!

Don’t shop hungry - Shopping hungry is really asking for trouble. You are much more likely to impulse buy foods that you wouldn't normally choose. So plan to go shopping soon after a meal or snack, to help curb those cravings!

Buy in bulk - Buying in bulk will definitely help you save cash, especially when you are buying meats or grains. With your meats, you can separate them when you get home and freeze meal size portions ready to defrost when you need them.

Cook and freeze - Cook in bulk and then separate your leftovers into meal sizes and freeze. Not only does this save you money as you can buy in bulk and are less likely to let vegetables go bad, it will also provide you with convenient healthy microwave meals that you know are full of healthy ingredients.

Buy in season - Try to avoid buying fruit and vegetables when they are out of season. Not only are the prices jacked up because they need to be imported, they usually don’t taste as nice either, as they have been picked before they are ripe so they can survive the long time it takes to transport them.

Shop in the afternoons - In the afternoons, or towards the end of the week are the best times to shop as it is at these times that perishable foods are often put on special.

Buy whole foods - Buying whole foods like brown rice, lentils, and dried beans is an excellent way to save cash, plus they last forever in your pantry!

Buy generic brands - Fancy brand names are not necessarily the best, so try out the generic or cheaper brands and see if the quality difference is worth the cash you will save. Just remember, when buying canned goods or other packaged products to check the ingredients and make sure you know exactly what you are buying.

Bulk up on specials - If you notice specials, then this can be a great time to buy in bulk. Even if it is meats, as long as you freeze what you don't use straight away, then you will be saving yourself great money!

Utilize small companies - There are a lot of excellent organic companies that deliver assorted fresh produce straight to your door. Not only can this save you cash and provide you with healthy, fresh organic produce, it also saves on time!

Keep your fridge and pantry organized - This might not seem like a priority when trying to save cash, but an organized fridge and pantry can really help prevent food wastage. It will also help you organize and plan ahead better.

Grow your own - An excellent way to save cash? Grow your own produce! Even if you have limited space, you can grow herbs in pots on window sills, and basically get creative! There is nothing quite like the satisfying enjoyment of eating foods you have grown yourself!

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