Rewarding your efforts!

We love it when our members achieve things, and we want to celebrate it with you! That is why, when you achieve 100-workouts at Fitness In Time, we would like you to have a free T-Shirt from us!

At Fitness In Time, we believe that results are individual to each person. Whilst one member might be looking to slim-down the next might be looking to build-muscle and create more definition. Some gyms go down the route of having a 'slimmer of the week' type approach, but we know that slimming and weight-loss should never be the ultimate goal. At FIT, we believe that the best goals should always be about health! One thing I'm sure that we can all agree on is that more exercise = better! Your FIT programme is designed around your personal goals, and so by completing your routine more times will be another step towards your personal goals.

And so, when you complete your 100th workout you can come and see us for free FIT T-shirt so that you can show off to the world your dedication!

There are a few conditions however!

  • You must complete a circuit of the gym each time your key-tag is scanned

  • You must pose for a photo for us (bonus points if you are smiling!)

  • You must go and tell all of your friends how wonderful Fitness In Time is!

If you have already passed your 100th workout, we would be happy to give you a T-shirt at your next 'Milestone Workout' whatever that might be!

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