How a weekly massage can help you

Getting a massage might seem like an indulgent luxury, however, massages have numerous health benefits that make them more than justifiable!

Here are 5 reasons you should consider getting a regular massage:

Eases muscle pain - Massages stimulate your circulatory system, making you more efficient at moving oxygen-rich blood out to each and every cell in your muscles, as well as flushing out stagnant blood and excess lymph build up. This makes massages not only effective at easing muscular spasms and discomfort, they are also an effective tool for reducing muscle soreness after a particularly strenuous training session.

Improves sleep - Massages not only ease sore and tired muscles, helping you relax on a physical level, they also promote mental relaxation which will help improve your quality of sleep.

Helps alleviate stress - When you are feeling emotionally or mentally stressed, you hold onto a lot of this tension in your muscles, even if you are not aware of it. By massaging your muscles and releasing this built up tension from within your muscles, your mind is able to relax a little as well. This makes massages an excellent tool for helping alleviate stress.

Relieves headaches - Tension is a common cause of headaches. These headaches occur when tension is being held in specific muscles around the head and neck. Massaging these areas can not only reduce the severity of a headache, it can even help prevent them from occurring.

Helps boost recovery time - Massages are also used in physiotherapy because they help relax damaged muscles and stimulate circulation which makes them beneficial in the recovery from injury.

A variety of massages are available at Fitness In Time through our therapists! Please follow the links below to arrange a massage!


Relaxation Massage - Timeless Beauty

Sports Massage - Pinnacle Posture


Relaxation Massage - Caroline Stevens Beauty

Sports Massage - Aculife

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