The invisible benefits of exercise!

Exercise is something we tend to do for changes in our physical appearance, whether it’s to sculpt our abs, get a butt lift, or fix the flab. But when we exercise, the benefits go deeper than just the surface.

As we approach new year, you may be thinking about joining a gym, or starting a new fitness routine.

While our fitness levels increase with exercise, some non-physical changes happen to our bodies. These benefit us in many ways, giving more importance to exercise than before.

1. Increase in self-confidence

When you are happy with your physical appearance you are more likely to feel better emotionally, boosting your confidence and positivity, making you feel happier overall.

2. Mental health

Reduces anxiety and depression, releasing endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and other chemicals with a calming effect on the body and mind, making you feel happier.

3. Better social skills

When your self-esteem increases, you can become more likely to want to surround yourself with other people, specifically those who make you happy and support your fitness journey too. If you attend a gym, or do classes, you will already be meeting new people and socialising more.

4. A clearer mind

The endorphins released during and after exercise can also boost your concentration, giving you a clearer mind and thinking process. Your brain will also benefit by gaining new brain cells and a boost in performance and overall memory.

5. Better sleep

Helps get you into a deeper sleep for longer, and reduces the amount of stress and anxiety possibly stopping you from sleeping. Just avoid exercise too close to bedtime, as you may feel too energized to fall asleep.

6. A longer life

We can slow down the aging process by keeping our bodies in tune, and also our brain function sharp. When we exercise, our brain releases chemicals that help support and prevent degeneration of the hippocampus, the part of our brain that helps learning and memory.

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