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Don't get in your own way

Sometimes it can feel like whatever you try to do, you fail. That everything seems too hard, and you aren’t progressing with your goals or needs. Usually, the main thing holding you back from moving forward is YOU.

Are you holding yourself back? If so, read on to see how you can help to let go, and move on with your goals.

Don’t worry!

Often you might find yourself thinking and over-analysing, and worrying too much about things you cannot change. You also worry about what others think, and try to please them. By doing this, you are neglecting yourself and your needs. Yes, you should treat others with respect, and care for their feelings, but you shouldn’t put others before yourself. YOU come first. Don’t use up your time worrying about what could be done to change the way someone thinks, or how to please them. Focus on your own life, and work towards achieving your goals.

Stop making excuses!

If you have time to come up with an excuse, then you have time to work on your goals! Making excuses about why you can’t do something, is putting energy into saying why you can’t, when in reality you probably can. Being time poor is the most common excuse – but think about how much time you spend watching TV instead of working toward your goal. STOP making excuses and START making changes!

Don’t settle for less!

If you have a dream, go for it! Don’t just settle for a smaller, easier goal, just because the bigger goal seems too far away. Go for what you really want, and stop depriving yourself. Take risks, and move forward, or you will stay unhappy where you are.

Embrace mistakes!

When you really want something, you need to be prepared and allow for failure. It is almost impossible to get something right the first time you try. If you fail, you can’t be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. If we didn’t fail sometimes, we would never know true accomplishment. Failure should only motivate you to work harder next time, and seize opportunities to continue to move forward. Don’t give up!

Surround yourself!

The people you are around most, usually become your role models, whether you know it or not. We tend to become like the people around us, doing as they do, and picking up on their habits. If these people seem to be holding you back from achieving your goals, then maybe you should think about spending less time with them, and find new people to surround yourself with. A true friend should be one who lifts you up if you are down, who encourages you, and who allows you to progress.

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