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When the weather is cold, it's tempting to reach for a hot-drink option, often one with a spoonful of sugar as well as other hidden calories (chocolate sprinkles on your cappuccino anyone?) but remember that nothing can replace the multiple advantages of good old H2O!

Water plays a HUGE part in the functioning of our bodies, helping to regulate, hydrate, and clear out our system from waste products.

Waste is what is left over after our body processes proteins and carbohydrates, acting as a toxin, which if not expelled from the body properly, can build up and become dangerous.

Yes, you have probably heard it a thousand times – Drink more water!! But the idea can be forgotten and your body will start to show signs of dehydration; like cracked lips, dry skin, constipation, water retention, and feeling tired more often.

There are many ways the body gets rid of toxins, through breathing and exhaling from the lungs, kidney functions and urinary systems, digestive system and bowel movements, and the skin through sweating. This process of organs eliminating toxins from the body is calledthe Excretory System. But besides eating well, and exercise, the best way to help your body to excrete these waste products is to keep your intake of H20 up – Drink more water! It is such a simple yet effective way to keep your body functioning at its optimal level.

The benefits of drinking more water
  • Removes toxins through urination, sweat and breath

  • Relieves and reduces headaches often caused by dehydration

  • Better skin by acting as an anti-ageing ingredient, for smoother, softer, plumper skin

  • Increases energy and helps your body to wake up in the morning, and relieves fatigue throughout the day

  • Promotes weight-loss by removing fat by-products, raising your metabolism and reducing hunger by filling up your tummy with fluid, making you feel fuller

  • Keeps you regular by aiding digestion and reducing constipation

  • Prevents cramps and allows your muscles to become more agile and lubricated

So remember, drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body! Make sure you take a bottle of water wherever you go, and try to drink one in the morning before eating, as this will help to clear your digestive system and prepare it – along with giving you that added energy to get you going – for the day ahead.

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