Glutes - The seat of power!

You may not realise, but your glutes are an important part of your body! Not just there to emphasise your beautiful womanly figure, but your glutes are powerful muscles that help control your hips and leg movement, as well as back and spine support! Your pouty posterior is made up of the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus, and these tips will help sculpt and tone these gorgeous muscles to improve your strength and posture, and give you that feminine shape and confidence too.
Move it or lose it.

Don’t just sit on it; move it! Walking, jogging, cycling, bike riding, swimming, dancing and HIIT are all ways to get moving and get your heart rate pumping, which will burn calories and any extra fat in that area. Doing any of these activities for around half an hour each day will get you on the way to your booty goals!

Work it.

To build those glute muscles, you need to work them – hard! Try these exercises in your next workout, and watch your booty grow…

  • Bridge – Hip raises, lifts, or leg lifts will help to build your glutes, as well as keeping your posture balanced by working the muscles in your front too, keeping both the booty and the pelvic region strong.

  • Wide Squats – using a wide stance with your legs will focus on working your butt rather than your quads. If you want a challenge, try single leg squats to feel that burn!

  • Step-ups/Box jumps – During step ups, squeeze your glutes as you complete the movement for maximum activation. Jumping squats or box jumps are also great for high intensity movements, engaging your quads and glutes as you jump up as high as you safely can.

  • Lunges – Side lunges, curtsy lunges, and slow lunges are great booty building moves. Try adding weights to increase the intensity.

Nourish it.

Working out is only half the job! You can’t rely on your workouts to give you that booty you’re working towards, if you don’t feed your body with nutritious good food. Exercise and food go hand-in-hand when achieving your fitness goals, so you need to feed your body plenty of healthy protein from lean meats, eggs. tempeh, nuts and seeds, and eat a range of fresh vegetables on a daily basis.

Love it.

LOVE YOUR BODY! I cannot stress this enough. It is the most valuable thing to each and every one of us, and such a unique and strong powerhouse, capable of more than we think. We are all different, and come in many sizes and shapes. Embrace your body’s uniqueness and start working towards your healthy goals and building YOUR perfect booty!

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