Why bathroom scales don't tell the truth

Most people think that losing weight is a good thing. When you think of fat loss you think of weighing less. Fitness is not all about how much you weigh, but more how you feel.

There are other ways to measure your fitness success and they will surely help to keep you motivated and happy about your journey.If you've ever had the good fortune of having a review with me at Fitness In Time, I've probably already subjected you to my spell about why I don't like 'weight' as a measure of progress, fitness or any other way of tracking your body. In my opinion, unless you are planning a trip on a space shuttle, your weight is meaningless. This is why, we at Fitness In Time, take lots of different measurements during your reviews - blood pressure, body fat, body composition, heart rate and physical measurements with a tape measure. It's only when you look at the full picture of everything that you really get some idea of what is going on, and even then, judging fitness is a tricky thing. I always tell people that the best measure of how 'fit you are' (and remember, there are lots of different types of fitness) is HOW YOU FEEL!

Do you wake up with energy?

Does climbing a flight of stairs make you out of breath?

Do you have aches and pains?

Do you have the strength to do everything you need to?

Can you get up from a chair without groaning?

When you exert yourself physically, how long does it take you to recover?

All of these things are a much better way of assessing your fitness.

Always measure your results

I know I've said not to weigh yourself constantly, but it is still very important to track your progress when you start working towards any sort of fitness goal. When you set yourself a goal, you won't know if you have reached or achieved it without measuring your results. Seeing any progress will motivate you to keep working hard, and on the other hand if there are no results, you can re-assess what you are doing wrong an what can improve.

Why you shouldn't rely on weight

When you start lifting weights and building up muscle, your weight can increase. This is because muscle weighs more than fat. In the beginning, your body will use fat storages to burn as energy – this is where you will most likely see a decrease in your weight as you lose body fat. You will jump on the scales and get excited that you have lost weight! But as you continue to build muscle, your weight may stay the same or even increase the next time you check it. This can make you feel disappointed and you may feel like giving up. But please remember, weigh doesn't show you exaclty what you have achieved already. Your body could have stronger more defined muscles, and less fat storages, yet you won't notice these by looking at the scale.

Take measurements

While photos are great to use as motivation and progress tracking, sometimes it doesn't cut it, and you can’t visually see any difference from week to week, which may get you down as you feel as though you have worked hard and should see a change in your body. By taking measurements of your body parts as well, you can track progress more accurately. Do not obsess over measuring every part of your body, but keeping it simple with a few areas is best, including your chest, waist, lower abdomen, hips, and upper thighs. Remember, measurements can also increase as you build up your muscles, so make sure you think about your goal you set yourself, and how much better you are feeling too.

Take photos instead!

We all love to take a sneaky selfie now and then, so why not use this as a way of tracking your progress! In fact, it is one of the best ways to see your results over time. Before you start working on your fitness goal, take a 'before' photo of yourself. Yes, this can be confronting and you may not like what you see, but it will hold you accountable for what you achieve as you move forward from this image of yourself. Use this image as motivation – if you don’t like what you see, know you can and will change it! Make sure you take progress shots too, as you work towards your goal. Take a new photo every fortnight to track how you are going, and to see how your body is changing.

Celebrate the small things

As you are tracking your physical changes, it is so important to tune into how you are feeling about your journey. Really think about how you have been feeling after nourishing your body with amazing healthy food, and continuing to complete your workouts. You should feel accomplished and happy with yourself for how far you've come already and the hard work you're putting in. If you complete a workout, or you start feeling stronger and increase your reps, make sure you celebrate and reward yourself for this accomplishment – it isn't reaching your overall end goal, but it is definitely a huge part of getting closer and closer, and it is the small things that make up the bigger picture! Know that you are on your way to success and a better you.

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