Sugar 'n Spice up your weekend with this Cinnamon-ey Chocolatey bread!

Chocolate Cinnamon Tea Bread

Well hello sunshine, so glad you could join us for tea. Why don't you pull up a chair and stay awhile.

The sun did indeed decide to stay awhile, like throughout the entire photo shoot - it certainly was a welcome guest, I just wished I remembered my filter during instead of after the fact - so please excuse the lighting in the photos - there's a little extra character called sunshine in these shots.

With our tea we enjoyed this tasty little tea bread with chocolate and cinnamon.

You should make this bread and find your own little sunshine patch to share it with!

A simple cinnamon spiked agave sweetened batter with a bit of coconut oil make for subtly sweet and wonderfully moist tea bread

Chocolate chunks & cinnamon are combined with brown sugar, vegan butter, flour and a pinch of salt for a "crisp" esque topping

Generously sprinkle the topping between the 3 loaves - if you don't have the mini 2 cup loaf pans pull out your normal loaf pan and bake up a big one!

When baked the topping is transformed into caramelised chocolatey goodness. This is the type of topping that makes you want to pick off pieces of the topping leaving the bread behind - but please, take my word the two are better together.

The mini loaf pans are great to bake up and give to the ones you love.

bake up 3 and give 2 away - my two went to my aunt Nance & my aunt Jud and her family.

the boys and my aunt and uncle gave the bread 2 thumbs up - they all LOVED it. that is coming from a 12 year old and a 10 year old- I'll take that review any day!

I really enjoyed this bread naked - the bread not me was naked.

use a really good cinnamon, my personal favorite as of late has been the Vietnamese cinnamon - so incredibly good. with excellent cinnamon and chunks of chocolate you really don't need to top this bread with anything, simply enjoy with a cup of tea.

So my friends, please take sometime this week for yourself to slow down and savour a slice of chocolate cinnamon tea bread with a cup of your favourite tea in the sunniest of spots you can possibly find.

Chocolate Cinnamon Tea Bread

makes 1 normal size loaf or 3 mini 2 cup loaves

You will need:

1 cup spelt flour

1 cup all purpose flour

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt

1 cup of agave

1/2 cup soy yogurt or 1/4 cup soy yogurt and 1 small ripe banana

1/4 cup almond milk

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 tbsp coconut oil melted

3 tbsp brown sugar

3 tbsp vegan chocolate chunks

3 tbsp cold butter

2 tbsp spelt flour

1 tsp cinnamon


Pre heat oven 350*

In a medium bowl sift together flours through salt - set aside

In a separate bowl, whisk together agave through melted coconut oil

mix together the dry and wet ingredients until moistened

In a medium bowl mix together brown sugar, chocolate, flour and cinnamon. with a pastry cutter, cut in the cold butter until pebble size pieces are formed

Transfer batter to a greased large loaf pan or divided evenly between 3 mini 2 cup loaf pans. evenly sprinkle the brown sugar chocolate topping between the loaf pans or over the large loaf.

Bake the mini loaves for 25 - 30 minutes or the large loaf for 45-50 minutes until a tester inserted in the center of the loaves comes out clean.

Remove from oven, cool for at least 5 minutes prior to serving


From Samantha and April!

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