September Reviews! - Get Yours Booked

Although Fitness In Time is reasonably quiet right now, September is always a busy time for us - when the school holidays are out of the way and people have a bit more time to get back into a routine, we always see attendance go up - and so this year, we would really like you to get a review booked in so that you can kick-start your routine the right way!

Your reviews at FIT are perhaps the most important part of your membership. There are lots of advantages to having regular reviews, and they are completely free with your membership! When I was private PT, I would charge £50 for a session like this and that is still the going rate today so make the most of it and take advantage of your membership benefits!

Here are just a few reasons why it is in your interest to have regular reviews:

Set your goals

If you don't know where you are going, how to you expect to get there? Goal setting is an important part of a fitness routine so take this opportunity to work out exactly why you are coming to the gym!

Track your progress

During your review we can look at a number of metrics to help you see not only where you are now, but also how your body has changed. Remember that your skeletal muscle replaces itself approximately every 4 weeks so no matter what you have been doing, it is always worth having a review!

Health Issues

We all have health issues and little niggles in our body that it is easy to overlook, but with our monthly reviews you have some time to focus on something that is very important to all of us - your health! That sore knee you get when driving or that stiff neck when you wake up in the morning - all of these things can be improved and in most cases cured! You should never have to 'put up' with something that is bothering you, come and let us put it right instead!

Change your workout intensity

At your review, we will reassess the intensity that you are working at and make changes where we need to. This does not mean making it harder, or increasing the resistance (although sometimes it does). Sometimes we might decrease the weight, give your more repetitions extend the range of movement or many other things to make sure you are doing what is right for your body and your goals!

Check your technique

We all slip into bad habits when exercising, so it's important to let us check how you are performing your exercises! posture, range of movement, speed and positioning are all very important and these are all things that it is very difficult to notice if you are doing them wrong yourself!

Change your targets

Every one of us is different and we all have different areas that we want to focus on. Your target exercises are our chance to make the programme work for you. Again, we need to check the technique on the ones you have been doing, but there are also many, many different exercises for each body part, so as you progress there is sure to be a variation that is more suitable!


This really is the big factor - we all know the feeling of not wanting to get off the sofa - whether it's being tired after a long day at work, or the million other items on your to-do list, we always have an excuse ready for not exercising! But how about that feeling when you see how many inches you've lost, when you complete the 20th rep after having not been able to do 3 when you started. Motivation is the most valuable currency I know, so let us give you some for free.

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