How to burn body-fat

Want to burn fat faster? Try resistance training!

We know that to lose it, we have to move it. And usually, the best way to do that is to go for a walk or run, and to get that heart rate up. You will burn those calories and use fat for energy. Yep, cardio is a great way to keep your body healthy and burn fat.

The truth is, you can burn fat faster by doing another kind of exercise – resistance training! Resistance training is physical exercise using any sort of resistance against your muscle, making it contract to push against the force. Your muscle builds in strength and size by having to match the force of the weight pushing against it, so to continue to build muscle you need to increase the weight of resistance to always outweigh the muscle, making your muscle work hard to contract and push the weight.

How does resistance training burn fat?

Well firstly, when you lift weights you boost your metabolism, meaning your body burns through calories during exercise and even after your workout for up to 36 hours! When you build lean muscles, you will increase the amount of muscle fibers in your body. Muscle fibers need energy to move – so the more muscle fibers you have, the more energy they need... which means your body will burn through more kilojoules to move those lean muscles. How good is that?! So in other words, you will be a fat burning machine, even while doing regular things like standing, walking around, bending down to pick something up, or even opening the fridge door.

Wow! What else does it do?

Secondly, you won't only be building muscle to burn fat, but you will be working towards a healthier stronger you. The way you look and feel is the biggest motivator to keep on building lean muscle mass as you notice how good you feel every day. Your confidence will increase and you will love feeling strong and fit!

So make sure you use resistance training as a big part of your fitness routine. It will leave you feeling and looking your best and strongest. Incorporate cardio into your strength training – you will not regret it, I promise. You will be seeing a faster, fat-burning and stronger you in no time!

This is why at Fitness In Time, the majority of the circuit is resistance training - it really is the best way to tone and shape your body, build muscle and reduce fat. When you join FIT, your friendly female personal trainer will chat with you about your goals and make sure your programme is right for what you want to achieve!

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