Quick Full Body Home Challenge

No equipment needed, only a small space used, can do it anywhere and only takes a few minuets! What are you waiting for

5 rounds of the below moves, changing the reps each round.

  • Reverse burpees

  • Toe touches

  • Push ups

  • Half burpees

For the first round, do 10 reps of each move.

Then, for each following round reduce the number of reps by two. Continue until you finish on two reps of each move, taking a break between rounds if you need it.

So thats 10 reps 8 reps 6 reps 4 reps

Finish on 2 reps

Reverse burpee Give it a go its great to get your body out of its comfort zone. It targets all the main muscles in your body! As soon as your body gets comfortable (you do the same thing every time) you will stop seeing results If you really struggle do normal burpees and if thats not possible lie on the floor and simply get up to a stand.

Half burpee Remember leap frog at school? Well its not just for kids, this exercise is great for your hamstrings and quads, triceps and biceps

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