Don't focus on the scales

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished for a smaller waist? Bigger hips? Slimmer thighs? It’s okay, we’ve all done this at some stage in our life. Learning to love yourself doesn’t always come easy, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

Being bigger than ‘her’, not ‘curvy’ enough for that outfit, or not being able to fit into those jeans anymore shouldn’t make you feel like any less of a women (the same goes for judging others for their size, shape or weight too!). Despite what fad diets and fashion mags may tell you, size and weight aren’t actually an indication of how fit or healthy a person is. Our bodies are forever changing, and as you shake up your exercise routine or alter your diet these measurements will go up, down and maybe even up again.

1. Tonnes of energy

S, M, L, XL - whatever your size, being fit means having the energy to live your best life. Take a size 4 and a size 16 both different shapes, completely different clothing sizes and totally different weights. Does this matter? No way! Watch out for your energy levels, you can be any healthy size but with low energy something needs to be done.

2. What about a diet?

No way! Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner… plus snacks (can’t forget them) are you happy and fit? If so then you are most likely eating the right foods for your body. Yo-yo dieting on the other hand can slow down your metabolism and cause cardiac stress – and who wants that?! Food is so important to dropping those pounds and making you feel better.

3. Oh what a feeling!

We live for that post-workout feeling! No matter your size, the release of endorphins feels amazing. In fact, a person who is plus-sized but regularly exercises is going to be far healthier than the girl in the size 6 jeans who never works out. Movement equals health don’t forget that.

4. Feeling strong

Whether you’re a skinny minnie or a ball of muscle, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Strength comes in all shapes and sizes. Muscle weighs a lot more than fat so its very natural (and good) to put on weight when you first enter a gym due to muscle. However muscle burns more calories than fat so before you know it you will be slimmer and healthier. Don't give up on the gym due to putting on a few pounds, this will go and much quicker than if you quit.

5. Queens of sleep

Nothing feels as a good as waking up refreshed, recharged and happy, and staying fit and healthy is such a big contributor to this. Staying fit and looking after our bodies ensures we can have sweet dreams every night, what you weigh doesn't.

6. Loving life!

Focusing on being fit and not worrying about the scales . There is a lot more to focus on than a number you were when you were 16. As we age its natural to put on a little weight here and there. Don't stress. Joining a gym should be for many more reasons than the scales, while its important to stay healthy focus on lowering your blood pressure and eating less cake. If you don't notice the numbers changing think about how you feel, do you feel fitter? Do you have more energy? Can you get up that flight of stairs now? How about getting a good nights sleep.

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