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Every January at Fitness in Time, we see a huge influx of new members, which is absolutely fantastic, don't get me wrong!

But it always makes me wonder "Why did they wait until now?"

A New Year is a great time to start new behaviours, cut out bad habits and take big steps to improve yourself, but at the same time it can cause a few problems too. So here are my reasons why you should not have a New-Years Resolution!

As Fitness is my game, I'm going to use "Starting a New Exercise Routine" as my example for a New-Year resolution, but these same principles can be used for just about anything!

1. People tend to use it as an excuse!

If you have made a plan to start a new fitness routine on January 1st, how much easier is it to misbehave in the time leading up to it? "Oh go on then, I'll have another mince pie as I'm going to burn it off in January" - Does that sound familiar? In December, we are surrounded by temptation. Food, Drink, Cosy nights in-front of the TV, bad weather...The list goes on. By having the attitude that you will "put it right" in January is a very dangerous game - it's like spending money before you have earned it. So how about this year, you start now, put in the work and 'earn the money' before you spend it!

2. Raising the steaks gives you more to lose

What if you focus all of your attention on January, and it doesn't go to plan? We all make plans with the best intentions, but very rarely does it all go exactly as we expect. Anything can happen in the future and I've lost count of the number of times my clients have said to me "I didn't get to the gym on Monday, so I didn't bother going on Wednesday, I'll just start again next week" It's bizarre logic - surely that is even more reason to go on Wednesday! If we extrapolate this reasoning to our NYR before too long, you will just want to leave it until next year!

3. You shouldn't rely on motivation alone

Motivation is great because it inspires us to take action, but we can't rely on it alone because sooner or later we will be motivated to do something else, so the best way of using motivation is to create a habit! It's said that it takes 21-days to get used to a major change and 66-days to create a habit. Motivation never lasts that long, so when it strikes, don't put it off and take action straight away! The action I would advise is to book a gym session, a review, and induction or a PT session. Get something in the diary and make a commitment now!

So because of this, at Fitness In Time we are offering you the rest of 2018 completely free so you can start your resolution TODAY!

All you need to do, is go to our website and book yourself an induction at a time to suit you! We will set up your membership and you will pay nothing until 1st January 2019 but you can start using the gym straight away!

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