7 surprising benefits of exercise

We all know that exercise is good for you. But there are some other benefits to exercise that you may not know about! Check out below some surprising pros to getting your sweat on. You'll be ready to get up and go by the time you finish reading!

1. Makes you happy

Exercise boosts levels of hormones in the brain like dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine which are responsible for making you feel good. You also experience a natural calm state and less stress. Anandamide levels also increase, which helps to temporarily block out any existing feelings of pain or depression.

2. Boosts your brain

Studies have shown that people who do regular moderate exercise have lower rates of depression and Alzheimer's disease and improved memory and cognitive function. Exercise helps to preserve existing brain cells and activate neurons to increase the size of your brain!

3. Reduces fat cells

Exercise, in particular any intense bursts of exercise, alters the genes in your muscles that are responsible for fat metabolism. This means, when you do intense exercise your body responds by turning to fat stored in your body to use as fuel for energy. Which means... your body will burn fat faster!

4. Reduces the signs of ageing

You'll not only notice how good you look, but how much younger you feel in more than a few ways. Exercise increases your balance, flexibility, agility, and energy production. The fitter you are, the better your body will function! You will sleep better, and reduce the risk of diseases.

5. Improves your skin

When you exercise or move about, you end up inhaling more oxygen than normal, giving your body the most essential thing in the world! Fresh oxygen will be circulating your blood flow and bringing it to the surface of your skin, giving it nutrients and promoting a healthy glow. Skin can also become tighter and more toned.

6. The fitter you are now, the fitter you’ll stay

As we age, our muscles actually have a memory that maintains their strength and lean mass over the years. If we end up losing muscle mass, it is easier to regain and rebuild them too. While we are young, we should be building our muscles and getting strong and healthy so that we can stay strong and healthy in the future! I don’t think many of us want to have to depend on others to do normal day-to-day tasks when we are older. By maintaining lean muscles over the years, when you reach old age your body will thank you for it!

7. Fight off illness and disease faster

Exercise has been long known to support the immune system by increasing its ability to fight off sickness like the common cold or flu virus. People who exercise are less likely to fall ill in the first place than those who don’t exercise at all. There are also benefits for those with joint or osteo pain or other chronic conditions including mental illness like depression and anxiety, where exercise acts as a support, recovery and rehabilitation treatment.

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