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The dos and don'ts of a big, bright smile

A smile is a person's best asset. Without it, we’d probably all be miserable. If our smile is so important to us, then we really need to give it the attention it deserves, and treat it well! A smile isn’t a smile without teeth – so let's make sure we look after them by maintaining teeth and gum health.

For bright whites and a dazzling smile, just follow some simple daily do’s and don'ts...

DO brush twice a day. I like to do it morning after breakfast and night just before bed. Brushing gets rid of the daily buildup of food and bacteria which can cause decay if left all over your teeth and gums.

DO scrape or brush your tongue. Yes, it is important to also clean your tongue, as the majority of bad bacteria in the mouth is held amongst the taste buds on your tongue. Getting rid of this bacteria by gently brushing or scraping will prevent decay and bad breath from occurring.

DO floss. Brushing alone won’t always get to all the tricky places between and around your teeth. By flossing you can reach the tiny gaps that a toothbrush won’t, and removes the excess food and plaque that has settled around your teeth.

DON’T brush too hard. You don’t need to use a hard force when you brush. A normal gentle pressure in a circular motion is enough to remove plaque and food and bacteria. If you are too forceful or your brush is too hard, you can actually remove the natural enamel of your teeth which is needed to protect from corrosion or decay. Enamel protects from extreme temperatures, so if you have sensitive teeth when you bite something cold or hot, your enamel may be wearing away. Be careful to brush gently and use a soft to medium bristle brush.

DON’T eat too much sugar. Sugar is a big culprit for tooth decay, so if you eat something sweet for dessert, you must brush your teeth before you sleep or the sugar stays stuck on your teeth all night, which becomes a breeding ground for bad bacteria and tooth corrosion and rotting.

DO eat nutritious food. Your teeth benefit from a healthy diet too! When you eat nutritious foods full of vitamins and minerals, you will promote a good bacteria level in your mouth with less acidic and more alkaline saliva. Enamel on your teeth will strengthen and bad breath is minimised. Include a variety of foods in your diet and you will be sure to get the right amount of nutrition for your teeth health, including calcium, vitamin D, C, A and B, Protein, Phosphorus, Zinc, Iron, Folate, and Omega 3s.

DON’T eat or drink foods that easily stain, like red wine and coffee, beetroot and artificial colouring in food. If you do consume these, be sure to brush and floss well so your teeth don’t become stained.

DO use bi-carb soda (sodium bicarbonate) powder to remove stains and help whiten your teeth! The natural abrasive and aerating compound helps to lift stains and debris on the surface of teeth. It can also soothe any gum problems or cuts and sores. It’s simple to use, just wet your toothbrush and dip it into the bicarb soda and brush as normal.

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