Doing New Years Resolutions Right!

Welcome to January!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, with plenty of festivities and doing what you love!

It's no surprise to hear that the gym has been fairly quiet over the last few weeks, and I'm sure it will be even less of a surprise to hear that we expect to be fairly busy over the next few months!

A New Year is a great time to look at your fitness and re-evaluate where you are, and where you want to be by next year. This is also a time of year when many people begin a new fitness routine, so we are hoping for lots of new, enthusiastic members in the gym.

The sad news is that many people join gyms in January, but fail to keep up with their good intentions, and most people resort to their old ways by Easter. So here are my top tips for making, and more importantly STICKING TO, a New Years resolution - I've also handily put how Fitness In Time can help you to do this! So please forward this on to a friend, or even better, bring them in for a free trial so that we can show them what we do!

Be Specific

we all want to "get fitter" but giving yourself a vague goal like this, doesn't really give you anything to aim for. You should define exactly what type of fitness you want - strength, flexibility, stamina, speed, or do you just want to trim down and feel better when you look in the mirror? All of these are valuable, and only you know what you want. It's also fine to want more than one (or all) of these things! Just be clear with yourself exactly what it is you want to achieve. My advice is to write down, somewhere you can see it every day, a few key goals of what you want to achieve in the year.

At FIT we have a consultation with you before you join, to help you choose define what you want to get out of your membership. It also helps us know how best to help you achieve them.


Another factor of being specific, is making sure you have some way of measuring your progress. There are lots of phone apps around such as myfitnesspal, fitbit, strava and hundreds more. Fitness trackers are also great for tracking things like how many step you are taking per day, and your heart-rate. My personal method is to buy a blank calendar, and hang it next to my goals. Each day that I have a gym session gets a big black cross on it, and if I go for a run I write how many KM I completed. It's a clear way of seeing how good I am being, and when there is a big blank space on the calendar, I know I have to get my trainers on! I also use my fitbit to track my food and water intake. Do what works for you, but make sure you have some way of tracking your progress. It keeps you accountable, and it also gives you a way of seeing what you achieved.

At FIT each month you have a review with a personal trainer where we can take your measurements, and check ho you are doing. We also give you a results card with your data on so you can see exactly how you are getting on. It also gives us a chance to check your programme is right for you, and give you some new exercises to keep it interesting. No other gym does this as part of your membership!

Achievable & Realistic

The place where most resolutions fail is because people aim too high. Many people go into the gym at the start of January with all guns blazing and find they just can't keep it up, they work too hard or even worse - pick up an injury! Professional athletes give themselves rest days in between workouts and competitions, so you shouldn't think that you don't need them. There is nothing worse for motivation then falling at the first hurdle, so make sure that your goals do push you, but they are achievable.

At FIT, workouts only take 30-minutes. We know that you probably don't have hours on end to spend completing a complicated and difficult workout, so we make sure that your gym programme can be done in just half an hour (just 2% of your day!) and we advise members to try and complete it 2-3 times per week. You will see results and it won't take over your life. Of course you are welcome to come in more often, and stay longer than 30 mins if you like!

Treat Yourself

Whilst living on nothing but raw vegetables my be nutritionally in line with your goals (but probably not) it probably isn't very appealing to your taste buds. My advice is to not deprive yourself completely of the things you love, but you need to realise that it is a treat and if the things that you love are anything like me, they probably aren't that good for you! So make sure that you limit how often you are treating yourself - and even better, make sure you EARN your treat. Why not set yourself a short term goal, and when you reach it, give yourself a reward.

At FIT, we offer a wide range of luxurious beauty treatments, and all members get 10% discount - so why not treat yourself to a hot stone massage when you have done 20 workouts!

Remember that we are here to help you achieve your goals. If it's been a little while, why not book yourself a review with one of our friendly team. If you are not yet a member, you can come in for a free no-obligation trial to see what we are like. There is no judgement at FIT, all you will find is a friendly environment, expert advice and hundreds of women just like you!

Give us a call, or visit and book your free trial today, we know that you wont regret it!

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