Menopause and fitness

Menopause is a taboo subject in our society and women going through the menopause are missing out on the benefits of being physically active.

Women In Sport did a research project and found out the 86% of women going through the Menopause don't do any regular exercise. Menopause is a complex stage of life that represents both loss and a time for re-appraising one’s life. Women value feeling good and looking good most during menopause, closely followed by spending time with friends and family. Menopausal symptoms, low exercise self-efficacy and physical activity knowledge, social stigma and lack of social support are significant barriers to participation.

Just under a third of women drop off from physical activity during menopause, yet the desire to be active is high. Physical activity can help women manage and cope better with their symptoms. This is a terrible statistic and more gyms need to do their best to welcome women through this time. 38% of women get depression while on their menopause however this is never talked about. Exercise has direct links to beating depression and stopping people fall into a depressive pattern.

Don't stop just because you feel overwhelmed, so many women are going through the same thing and her at Fitness In Time being a ladies only Gym menopause is not a taboo subject and you will be made to feel very welcome but all our other members.

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