Be kind to your skin in the cold!

Are you suffering with that winter itch, the kind where you want to just scratch your skin off?! The skin becomes dry and irritated as we face wind, central heating and low humidity.The harsh weather can strip the skin’s natural protective barrier, creating gaps in the outer most layer, allowing water to escape (dehydration) and irritants to get in (sensitivity). The dry environment may be responsible for the itchy sensations, as the inflammatory response kicks in and releases histamines. It can exacerbate inflammatory skin diseases such as rosacea, eczema, ichthyosis, and psoriasis, which suffer an impaired barrier function. Just like the eyelids, the skin on the lips is extra thin and sensitive, which can suffer greatly during the harsh winters, resulting in dry cracked, sore lips. The winter dryness looks bleak, but what can we do to alleviate these symptoms?

Why not try these fantastic products from Spa Find Skincare - Available to order at Fitness In Time!

Your spa facial cleansing kit in a box! With products from the Spa Find Renewed Radiance range, specifically formulated for dry or mature skin types, a Konjac spa facial will renew and nourish the skin. A naturally hydrating blend of VMS Complex and Harmonised Water promotes a more youthful complexion and rejuvenates dry complexions, for a fresher, healthier glow. This set contains:Renewed Radiance Energizing Cleanser 250ml

Renewed Radiance Energizing Toning Spray 250ml

Renewed Radiance Energizing Day Cream 7ml

Konjac Mineral Fibre Sponge

​Ultimate hydration and deep-cleansing, this Energizing Mud Mask harnesses the nourishing combination of Shea Butter and VMS Complex . Containing pure Dead Sea Minerals, soothing chamomile and skin-healing Vitamin B5, this satin cream mud mask is a luxurious mask to leave your skin smooth and glowing


Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Mineralizing Bath Shower Gel 400ml

Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Mineralizing Body Lotion 400ml

Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Hair & Body Mud 400ml

Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Mineralizing Shampoo 400ml

Other Tips

  • Reduce the temperature of your bath and shower, use bath oils, and apply body moisturiser immediately after your shower (within 3 minutes).

  • Do not over bathe, over strip, and be too harsh with the skin. Treat it gently and with respect!

  • Try not to lick your lips - digestive enzymes and bacteria in saliva can damage the lips. Apply a good quality lip-balm often.

Spa Find provides you with the ultimate in professional spa expertise, bringing you natural mineral therapy for your face, hair and body. Made using a unique blend of Harmonised Water and organic plant extracts, it recreates the spa experience in your own home with affordable, luxury treatments. Naturally non-comedogenic, paraben and allergen-free, the extensive range of products has something suitable for all skin types.

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