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Benefits of joining a Ladies only gym

65% of women avoid the gym over anxiety about being judged.

Although pumping iron among the toughest, strongest guys in the gym can give your ego feminist a boost, there is definitely something appealing about working out among your fellow gals.

We lay down the five biggest benefits of being a member of a women-only gym. What are you waiting for?


Suffering from gymtimidation refers to that plummet in your confidence at the gym, whether that means appearing unfit or not knowing how to use the gym equipment. It takes enough to mentally psych yourself up to go the gym in the first place, never-mind worrying about what other people think.Being intimidated by big burly men at the gym can put a real spanner in the works when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. At a women’s only gym, there is definitely less of a sense of judgement and less intimidation from your fellow female.


Being part of a women-only gym means there are more equipment and classes catered toward women and the female body. While men generally prefer showing off at the handle free weights and gym machines, women enjoy group fitness classes that use the whole body and the mind.MORE


Gyms for women are generally less noisy and cosier than most gyms. A lot of gyms are huge with too many obscure machines, making you feel lost and not knowing where to start.A women’s gym is usually smaller, more intimate and offers private woman-on-woman personal training, helping you achieve your personal fitness in a personal, non-judgemental space.GREAT WAY TO NETWORKLet’s be honest — in addition to being a great place to let off some steam and get your body in fantastic shape, a gym is the perfect place to mingle, network, socialise and make new friends. A women only gym is a great platform to meet like-minded women.HOLISTIC,


Another positive of a women-only gym is their overarching holistic approach to fitness. Being a fit, healthy woman of course not just about working out, but also about nutrition and psychological support. Being surrounded by female professional trainers who understand this holistic approach is just one of the many benefits of a women’s only gym.

JOIN A WOMEN ONLY GYM NOWEach new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself, and there is not time like the present.Joining a women only gym is the first step towards achieving your fitness goals. As the ideal environment to get in shape and stay fit, there is no reason not to try it. Get in touch with us for a completely free trial membership, and discover why a women’s gym is for you.

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