Chocolate advice

We know how hard it can be to cut back on the treats we love especially as Easter is on its way, so here is a bit of help/advice with Chocolate.

Try cutting down to small bars ie freddos or if you are a Dark Chocloate fan, good news: researchers in Sweden have discovered that a little bit of high percentage cocoa chocolate (70% and over) helps to fill you up, so you’ll eat fewer calories at your next meal. Look for dark chocolate eggs on the shelves. Or you could buy a few mini bars of your favourite dark chocolate and arrange them in a pretty wicker basket decorated with Easter accessories for a homemade treats.

It’s interesting to note that chocolate is low glycaemic index (GI), so it won’t send your blood sugar levels soaring, despite what people say. This means that you can enjoy some without spinning out of control with blood sugar peaks and troughs after eating. Remember, though, the reason chocolate is low GI is that the digestion of the sugar it contains is slowed down by large amounts of fat, so you still need to go steady on how much you eat for the sake of your waistline.

Basically you should have everything in moderation and make sure you are doing some form of exercise.


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