Weight Loss Pizza - Buy it at FIT Now!

Fitness In Time will now be selling pizza that is guaranteed to help you lose 3KGs per week!

A new complex of amino acids and C-Larnitine infused dough actually burns fat molecules from around your tummy whilst you are eating it! The incredible thing about this new technology is that it has been proven to work even better if you DO NOT exercise.

So with a one off payment of £99.99 you will be delivered a weight-loss pizza direct to your door every Friday evening, and we will even through in a bottle of detox red wine to wash it down with!

Order your Pizza subscription today at www.fitnessintime.co.uk

This incredible deal is limited to the first 30 people, so don't delay!

Ok, so many of you rumbled us and realised that this post was indeed an April Fool - however there is a very serious point to it all, and that is just how easy it is to be drawn in by exactly this type of thing throughout the other 364 days of the year.

A big part of what we do at FIT is trying to bust the myths about health and fitness, and there are many of them. However the most prevalent and dangerous myths in our society is about weight loss and more specifically fat loss. Now they aren't all as obvious as my "Weight Loss Pizza" above - but the message is often the same, you might have seen it said about - tea, shakes, tablets, lollipops and many other food stuffs, but also trainers, home-use machines and medical procedures.

However, and here is the upsetting bit - the thing they will really reduce is your wallet.

So here are 5 simple rules to spotting the rhubarb

  1. You cannot spot-reduce fat.

  2. You cannot 'buy' results - you have to work for them.

  3. If it focuses on weight-loss, then it will probably just be water you are losing and won't be sustainable.

  4. It is your current lifestyle that got you where you are today - if you aren't changing that, then the results won't change either.

  5. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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