Know the symptoms-Ovarian Cancer

We care about the Health & Wellbeing of Ladies and wanted to help support groups such as the Gill Harler fund so we now have these cards at all 3 Fitness in Times Gyms, please take a few and hand out to family and friends. Here is a bit more about the campaign from the Gill Harler fund.

The purpose of our campaign is raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Of course we could simply print posters or leaflets, but though important, we felt that wasn't enough. Once read such things are unfortunately quickly forgotten. We wanted to produce a campaign that offered something tangible, something to touch that would keep the awareness message alive. After much thought and deliberation and with the help and assistance of a wide variety of people, we devised, "Keep it in your bag" launched to coincide with ovarian cancer awareness month in March 2016.

The 'keep it in your bag' card is in an attractive clutch bag design. This convenient little card (slightly smaller than a credit card) is perfect to fit in any handbag or purse as a constant reminder of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Our hope is that rather than reading and throwing it away, as might be done with an ordinary leaflet, women will hold on to them. In doing so, not only will the holder have a constant reference for herself, but will be able to show it to family or friends, especially if any of the symptoms are being experienced.

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