15 healthy hacks to change how you eat

We all need a little help now and then to stay on track with our healthy habits. So here are some hacks for all things healthy eating!

1. Try adding seeds to your food! Linseed, sunflower seed, chia seed, flaxseed, sesame seed, hemp seed... Make up a mix and add them to your nut butter, or sprinkle onto yogurt or salads for a health boost.

2. If you’re craving certain food, have water instead. It will help to ease the cravings and make you feel full.

3. Portion control – weigh out your food so you aren’t eating too much. It keeps things in check so you don’t start deviating.

4. Out of sight out of mind. If it’s in sight, you'll eat it. Keep things you should eat out on display so you see them and eat them, like fresh fruit and healthy snacks. Move foods that are bad for you to the back of the pantry or fridge.

5. PLAN your meals. You won't be tempted to buy takeaway if you have your meals already planned. Prepare in advance too, so there really isn’t any excuses!

6. Chop up ingredients for smoothies and keep in the fridge or freezer. Having the right portion size ready to go, with all the ingredients already cut, it saves time!

7. Cut up all your favourite vegetables and fruit and make a platter to keep in the fridge for when you need it. It’s appealing to look at and will make you want to eat it if it’s already laid out for you.

8. Eat berries instead of other fruits! They have more antioxidants and less carbohydrates. Frozen is great too!

9. Spices can add antioxidants to any meal! They will not only bring a dish to life, but they can double the number of antioxidants and add nutritional value to your meal.

10. Freeze fresh herbs in cubes to keep in the freezer. Either blend with water, or keep them whole in water to freeze into cubes, then use them as you need them. No wastage and always on hand for fresh cooking ideas.

11. Try frozen courgette or white beans in your smoothies, as they work so well to add beneficial nutrients and, creaminess too.

12. Add baby spinach to as many meals as you can. When you cook it, it reduces down to a small amount that you hardly notice, yet it adds so much nutritional value!

13. Keep snacks on hand and have a few different options so you don’t get bored and stray away to something unhealthy.

14. After eating, wait 10 minutes before going back for seconds. This will give your body time to process the food you just ate, and you will know whether you’re actually still hungry or not. Usually, you won’t need any more food and you will feel satisfied after waiting until your food goes down.

15. Rope in a partner or friend to prep and eat with you! You'll motivate each other to eat healthier, and it'll add some fun.

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