Banish the Bingo wings

We would all like our arms to look nice in our short sleeve tops and not have to cover up in long sleeves here are a few exercises to tone those arms so you can wave and be proud.

Lying Extension

Lying on your back, hold a pair of dumbbells with arms bent by your ears. Keeping your upper arms still, extend the dumbbells to the ceiling. Lower and repeat. 3 x10

Dumbbell shoulder press

Hold a set of dumbbells with palms facing you at shoulder height. Push up to the ceiling as you rotate your palms to face away from you. Lower and repeat. 3 x 10

Lateral Raise

Hold a pair of dumbbells by your sides. Keeping arms slightly bent at the elbow, raise the dumbbells up and out to shoulder height. Lower and repeat. 3 x 10

Repeat the above x 2

Next time you are in the gym ask an Instructor to go through the technique with you and add to your programme.


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