Keeping Cool

Its hot out there and its only going to get hotter!

Whether you are at work or at home use these tips to stay cool without an aircon

1. Close the Windows

When the air-conditioning isn't working you should keep the sun from coming through your windows. If you use blinds, they can help you with this tremendously.

But you’ll need to keep the blinds closed. Some people roll them up to keep the sunlight pointing up and out of your home. While other people close them downward because it creates a darker atmosphere. This is really a personal choice of which you think works better.

2. Close the Doors

You would be amazed at how much heat travels through your doors. Even if you have a screen or storm door in place.

Basically, light can equate to heat. So you need to keep your home dark and the doors closed up tight to keep that excess heat out of your home.

3. Ice and a Fan

This is an old school trick that people once used years ago when most people did not have air conditioning. They would put ice in a large bowl.

Then they’d place that bowl in a location where the fan would blow across it. This creates a cool, misty breeze that feels great on hot days.

4. Use Those Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a tremendous help in keeping your home cool enough. They keep the air moving constantly which obviously cools your home down.

But be sure that the fans are rotating counter-clockwise during warm weather. This helps your house cool better.

5. Focus on You

Sometimes when you can’t get the room temperature down, you can still get your body temperature down. You can do this by consuming cold beverages, applying a cool cloth to your neck or wrist area, and by putting on cooler (and breathable) clothing.

But also try freezing 2-liter bottles with water in them. Then place them under your feet. I do this to keep us and our rabbits cool. If it will help keep a warm-blooded rabbit cool, it should help you as well.

6. Use Your Exhaust Fans

Most people have exhaust fans in both their bathrooms and their kitchen. If you have them, then use them.

Basically, the way they can pull steam out of your home when cooking, they can pull heat out of your home too.

7. Open Your Windows Strategically

Open the windows in the morning when its cool and to get the air flowing, then shut them when it gets warm outside.

8. Energy Efficient Bulbs

Regular light bulbs are not energy efficient, but they produce another problem as well. They radiate a lot of excess heat when they are producing energy. Which obviously causes a problem if you have no air conditioning because it is just compounding the problem of heat. So switch to energy efficient bulbs. They don’t produce as much heat or if not just turn the lights off altogether.

9. Cook Strategically

You’ll want to either cook with your stove/ oven in the morning when it is still cooler outside or stop cooking with your stove and oven all together. Focus using you Instant Pot, your grill, a rocket stove, or cook outside to still have delicious meals without heating up your home,

10. Add Some Permanent Shade

If your home has no protection from the sun, then it will continue to beat directly down on top of it. This is a problem because it means your house will be super hot. But you can fix this by adding awnings to your windows, covered porches which will help provide some shade, and even adding shade trees. The less the sun can directly hit your windows, the better off you will be, and the cooler you’ll stay.

11. Freeze Your Sheets and PJ’s

I read an article once that told all about how people once stayed cool before air conditioning. They did a lot of interesting things, like actually building their homes in a way that helped them stay cool.

But they also did basic things that we can do today regardless of how our homes are built. They would freeze their sheets and pajamas. It may sound crazy, but they knew the cooler their body temperatures stayed, the more comfortable they would be. Don't knock it till you try it!

12. Freeze a Hot Water Bottle
This may sound backward, but the same way you can fill up a hot water bottle to help with aches and pains, you can also fill it with ice or cold water and freeze it. Then you simply place it in the bed with you at your feet to keep you cool. This is a good option because of the material the bottle is made from. It won’t sweat and create a mess in your bed. But it will also take it longer to lose its coldness too.
13. Sleep with a Wet Sheet

This may sound odd, but you can make a sheet or towel damp with cold water. You’ll then place it over you to keep you cool at night when you sleep.

But be sure to put a towel under you so it doesn’t cause your mattress to be damaged in the process. Remember, the cooler you stay, most likely the better sleep you’ll get.

14. Create a Cross Breeze

Did you know that you can actually create your own cross breeze right inside your home? Well, you can with the use of box fans.

So all you’ll need to do is to place a box fan across from an open window. This will create a really nice cross breeze to cool your home down.

15. Use Your Pulse Points

If you can apply something cool to your pulse points your body temperature will drop much faster. Your pulse points are areas located on your wrists, neck, elbows, ankles, behind the knees, feet, and groin area.

So place an ice pack or damp cloth on any of those areas to help lower your body temperature and keep yourself cooler.

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