Be more positive this Friday!

Sometimes life can be a bit challenging and can bring you down. This can result in feeling rubbish, tiered, argumentative and unmotivated. Here are 7 tips to help you feel more positive today.

1. Choose to be positive

Sounds simple but being positive is a choice. You can either be negative about what life brings or choose to be positive. The first thing to do is be thankful. Grab a pen and paper and write down everything you are thankful for. Start with small things like being able to breath, having a bed and food, then let your mind go. You will soon realise how much you have to be grateful for and your mindset will change.

2. Smile

Our DNA is hardwired to feel happier after smiling. Smile by yourself or at someone to experience how your brain begins to feel happier. Similarly your body posture has a huge effect on your positivity. Sit or stand tall shoulders back, chin up and chest out. Make your brain think you are feeling happy and confident.

3. Acts of kindness

Doing an act of kindness for someone else allows you to gain a greater perspective outside of yourself. You will instantly feel great and life's little trials won't hold you back as much. You can give a donation to charity or help someone else in need. Maybe you could pay for someones order at a cafe or help them lift their boxes up the stairs.

4. Change your goal

Many of us are far too hard on ourselves because we shoot for perfection. Having unrealistic goals means you will never feel completely satisfied and happy. Instead strive to make progress and try to remember you can't change the past. What you can control is how you respond today and tomorrow by learning from past mistakes.

5. Avoid the haters

One of the biggest deterrents to living a positive life is the negative people around you. Your friends can easily drag you back to a negative thought cycle if you let them. If they start to be negative change the subject to something more positive and don't add fuel to their fire. Instead surround yourself with happy positive people that create a supportive and trusting environment.

6. Get physical

Taking care of your body is an important step to becoming more positive. Perhaps the quickest way to get out of a negative cycle is to work out. Studies have shown a direct link between exercise and feeling more positive and happier overall. Diet is very important too. Eating unhealthy food will make you feel tiered and sluggish in the long run. Not sure where to start? make an appointment with us at Fitness In Time and our personal trainers will talk you through the best exercises and foods to feel positive and happier in no time!

7. Technology

Screen time can hugely impact how positive you feel. Not only does the blue light have direct correlations with your brain negativity but going on apps can have a huge impact too. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram our just among the few that make you feel left out and longing for more of what other people have. If you can't face deleting social media cold turkey try reducing it to below 1 hour a day. Apps like Pozify can also help you become a more positive person even when you are on your phone.

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