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How to change your workout motivation from ‘No’ to ‘Go’

Some days, you have to force yourself to work out. But the more you think about it, the less you want to do it! And the less you do today, the less likely you are to do it tomorrow. So how do you stay motivated to stick to a fitness plan?

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade, but that doesn’t mean I’m perfect and never slip up. It sometimes isn’t easy to drag myself into the gym, but there are some helpful things I do to “force” myself to hit play on a workout. Try my six tips to get yourself activated and get it done.

1. Revisit your goals to find your mojo

Anything worth having is worth working for – you need to expect to get out of your comfort zone, and put in the effort so you can reap the rewards. If you’re losing steam, it could be time to reset your goals. Or maybe you just need to remind yourself why you wanted them in the first place. If my goal is to be strong, fit and healthy, and to feel good, then I will do what it takes to get that.

2. Stop right now and ask yourself the following questions:
  • "Do I want this?"

  • "How bad do I want this?"

  • "Am I willing to do what it takes to get it?"

Motivation doesn’t just come to you. You won’t see someone else looking great on TV and be instantly inspired to jump off the couch. You have to know what you want and motivate yourself to get it. So again, go back to that goal. Once you confirm you want it enough, get busy doing what you need to do to, well, do it!

3. Think about how you're gonna feel afterwards

How do you feel after a workout? Sweaty, of course. Sore, maybe. Satisfied, YES! Even when it’s hard work, it feels good, right? If I remember that feeling, that’s my motivation to do it again, and again, and again.

4. Schedule it in

Don’t just tell yourself, “I am going to work out” – schedule it in! Just as you would show up for a doctor’s appointment or your friend, show up for yourself. I find sticking to a schedule – and making a habit of something – really helpful. If you use a digital calendar, why not put in a recurring appointment? Most importantly, make sure your reviews are booked in - you can do that online at www.fitnessintime.co.uk or when you come in for your sessions, but always make sure your reviews are booked!

5. Don’t overthink it!

Still struggling to do your workouts? I hate to break it to you, but there is no other way than to just do it! Stop thinking about it too much, and stop giving yourself time to make excuses. I call it ‘robot mode’: Have your gym clothes waiting at the end of the bed when you wake up, and put them on without thinking about it. Or get your gear on in the last five minutes of that show you’re watching, then turn off the TV and head straight out the door. Be ready to go – no excuses.

6. Recruit some teammates

It’s fun to have a friend to train alongside and spur you on, but It’s also important to simply be around people who lift you up, and keep you accountable. Your mum may not be up for doing squats, but you can ask her to call a couple of times a week and remind you to do them! That’s why I love our FIT community and being able to do my workouts with you all – seeing your progress and sharing your fitness journey gives me that extra boost to keep going.

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