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Get fit for the festive season!

When you’ve got holidays or big events around the corner, chances are the ‘goal anxiety’ is starting to set in. If you haven’t exactly kept on track with your fitness, you might be thinking, “I can’t make any changes in just four weeks, it isn’t worth it.” Whether you just haven’t made much progress or you never got started at all, now is the time to turn things around.

You probably can’t reach your ideal body in just a few weeks – and it wouldn’t be healthy to try – but there’s still time enough to make a bit of progress towards your goal.

With my 6 simple tips, you can still put in the work, get some results and feel confident, healthy and on-track in time for your event (and who doesn’t want that?):

1. Get moving!

If you haven’t stuck to your workout plan during the year, now is the time to change. Chances are you can’t get the full effect in just a few weeks, but you will at least be in a good-health groove by the time you’re turning up to the festivities. Try to fit in some quick workouts where you can, like these 4-minute rounds. Staying active doesn’t just give you fitness results, it can calm down your party prep anxiety and get you into a good headspace to really enjoy yourself.

2. Make a meal plan and stick to it

Maybe your eating choices have got a bit out of hand. Set yourself the short-term goal of eating well until the big event or holiday, and it will be easier to stick to. If you know you’ve done your best to be healthy now, you won’t feel so guilty when the festivities begin, so you’ll feel much happier about letting yourself indulge a bit.

3. Hold off on the treats

I usually like to have a treat meal once a week, even if it’s just a little chocolate for dessert. This works in the long term because I know I’m being consistent with healthy eating the rest of the week, and treating myself with that one meal. But if you’re counting down to a birthday bash or big event, why not cut back the treats completely for now (including alcohol), so you can indulge then – because you know you’ll want to eat and drink all your favourites! This way you won’t be feeling so guilty, and it’ll help you form good habits you can continue after the party’s done.

4. Get enough sleep

When you’re tired, you end up craving more food to fuel yourself, and maybe then you over eat and crave more of the things that aren’t as good for you. Without sleep, you won’t have enough energy to work out, and you easily end up caving into the temptation of Netflix and the couch instead. You don’t want to burn out, so make sure you get your beauty sleep of around 8 hours each night, and you will have enough energy and will power to get through your day, your fitness routine and your healthy diet. Trouble sleeping? Follow my guide to a good sleep here.

5. Drink plenty of water

In the lead-up to a busy time, we can let our health slip, including hydration. But keeping tabs on this is crucial! Dehydration leads to tiredness, dizziness and poor eating choices. Plus, it makes our workouts less effective. Make an effort to get around 8 glasses of water a day – don’t forget that herbal tea and soup can also help hydration! If you have trouble remembering to drink water, try carrying a water bottle with you and setting reminders on your phone.

6. Take care of your immune system

All of this will keep your body strong and help to fight off illness. You want to make sure you don’t get sick or rundown before the special event, so remember to eat a balanced diet, and don’t skimp on the essential immune-boosting nutrients: zinc, iron, vitamin c, and probiotics. A healthier you, means you’ll enjoy the celebrations more, without being sluggish, bloated or sick.

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