Ways to manage stress

We live in a world that is becoming more aware of the importance of positive mental health. Slowly we are learning ways of dealing with stress and anxiety, but there is still much to be learnt about how we deal with stress and what causes it.

Here are our top five ways to deal with stress. Happy body. Happy mind.

  • Eat well, exercise well: There’s a strong connection between healthy body and healthy mind. Your lifestyle makes such a huge difference to the way you’re feeling and healthy eating and plenty of exercise will boost feelings of positivity.

  • Be kind to yourself: We can be very tough on ourselves and this type of internal pressure isn’t very good for stress levels. Remember that everyone faces challenges and that it’s a normal part of life. Recognise that you are doing a great job, and it’s ok to fail at times.

  • Take a break: Time out is so important. Life is busy, and we have to juggle different roles; parenting; working; caring for others. Often the last people we think about is ourselves. Ensure you take time out and focus on yourself once in a while. It’s ok to stop and enjoy some you time.

  • Be mindful: Paying attention to our thoughts and feelings is proven to help reduce the effects of stress. By practicing mindfulness, you can learn to manage in stressful situations far better than without mindfulness techniques.

  • Sleep well: The Holy Grail for many, getting good sleep is a way to lower stress, help improve concentration and feel more positive. The key, however, often lies in our lifestyle. If you follow the first four points, then hopefully sleep should follow far more easily.

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