Healthy Snack Swaps

Hussle. Work. Evening out. Sometimes a speedy life needs a speedy snack. Trouble is, the ready-grab stuff is often full of sugar, cluttered with calories or has way too much fat.

Not good.

Attack the snack! Do a bit of prep and stay healthy with these swaps.


It’s ages until home time. It’s been equally long since lunch. . It’s all too easy to reach for the chocolate, the cake box, or the coffee with all the trimmings.

Don’t do it! Plan ahead against those nibbles. Stock your desk drawer with fresh fruit. Bananas, apples and oranges will keep for a few days and no fridge needed. Keep some savoury items too – nuts, seeds or even small tins of rice and tuna. Add some long-lasting crispbreads and there’s an instant healthy sandwich.


Glowing from that gym session? Starving hungry too? You need to refuel, and fast. Swap the machine food for something better. Carry your own pot of trail mix, a couple of hardboiled eggs and a banana. (A small hardsided lunch box or case is a good idea for these!) Get kitted up and you won’t undo all that good fitness work.


It’s been a great night out. There may have been a few tipples. It’s a while until the night bus and it is time for a little something. It just won’t wait until you get home.

Be selective at the takeaway. Swap creamy curries or fatty chips for plain rice with stir fry veg. Go grilled rather than deep fried and ask for a mini-portion. Believe us, it will be plenty. Make the pizza thin crust with veg and tomato topping. It will all still hit the spot.

Want more ideas? Try a healthy-eating tracking app to point you in the right direction.

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